Hyderabad-based Rohan Shetty aka Shor's Khoye Se is out now!

The song has all the right elements to get listeners hooked onto it

author_img Praveena Parthiban Published :  22nd January 2021 07:32 PM   |   Published :   |  22nd January 2021 07:32 PM

Khoye Se by Shor

Hyderabad-based artist Rohan Shetty’s Khoye Se, a song with a solid, dark, dreamy vibe dropped on Wednesday.

Produced by Big Indie Bang, the song has all the right elements to get listeners grooving. It is written, composed and produced by Rohan Shetty whose musical projects go by the name Shor.

Khoye Se is a take on finding comfort in feeling lost in life - something that all of us have been acquainted with more recently, during the lockdown. The song is the sixth and final single of his first Hindi extended play (mini-album) Khoye Se.

Talking about the song, Rohan says, “The idea of the song came about when I got an absurd amount of notifications from a news app on my phone. Each headline seemed to be more disturbing than the next. We live in an age of information overload and at some level, we have become numb to it. I was able to immediately put away my phone, tune everything out and continue doing whatever I was doing.”

He further adds, “Through the lyrics and instrumentation in this project, I have tried to capture and express a surreal version of my thoughts from a specific time in my life which are also reflected in the music video.”

In an earlier interview with Indulge, the artiste had explained, “Shor is an electro-pop project which aims to be an audio-visual experience in both - live set as well as through online releases. All the songs from the debut EP Khoye Se will be accompanied by some version of visual experience."

The music videos have been directed and edited by Sanjna Krishnan. This song has already gained a lot of traction since the Indian singer and songwriter Ritviz Srivastava played it during one of his Instagram live sessions.