Actor Vaquar Shaikh talks about his transition into the digital world with Silence: Can You Hear It?

After successfully working in the TV industry for 25 years, Vaquar Shaikh makes a transition into the digital world with Silence: Can You Hear It?

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  30th April 2021 12:57 PM   |   Published :   |  30th April 2021 12:57 PM
A still from the movie

A still from the movie

After a television debut that won him several accolades and a few Hindi shows later, Vaquar Shaikh can easily qualify as a household name, as far as prime-time shows are concerned. He has now made a smooth transition to OTT films with Aban Bharucha Deohans’ directorial venture, Silence: Can You Hear It? The thriller sees him play the role of a cop, Raj Gupta assigned on the most complex case of his life — a high-profile murder investigation.

When you watch a movie or a show, there are some characters that you instantly develop a fondness for. They are honest, simple, and most likely will stay loyal to the hero what may come. That is what we thought of Vaquar’s Raj. And we were glad to hear that he feels the same way about Raj too. He shares, “He is a nice guy. You can always trust him to do your work and he does it with conviction that you get dependent on him. But in a nice way, you see?” Talking about the positive reviews, the actor adds, “Who does not want to be part of a hit film? I feel lucky that I landed up in this gritty drama.”

Vaquar Shaikh

With Manoj Bajpayee, Arjun Mathur, and Prachi Desai taking a front seat in the show’s casting, we were curious about what went behind the scenes. Vaquar spills tea and shares insider details, “You cannot help but marvel at what Manoj can do. He transforms and gets into the skin of the character seamlessly. Talking of Arjun and Prachi, their charm and endearing performances are what I will remember them for. The show does come from a serious genre of story-telling, but I must tell you, we did not function that way.”

Before signing off, he reveals to us that he is keen on doing experimental characters and looks. “I wish to transform myself on the screen with each outing of mine. There are a few projects that I am working on currently which I believe will give me that opportunity. Since I cannot reveal the details, you will have to wait and watch,” the star informs.

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