Vikram talks about 'heart attack' rumours and the 'living legend' AR Rahman

The actor had suffered mild chest discomfort and was admitted to Kauvery Hospital in Chennai

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Chiyaan Vikram opens up about his heart attack rumors

Chiyaan Vikram opens up about his heart attack rumors

Tamil actor, Chiyaan Vikram, recently attended the audio launch of his upcoming film, Cobra, where he talked about his medical condition and music director, AR Rahman. The actor jokingly said at the event, “I shouldn't place my hand on my chest for there is a good possibility that people might say that I have suffered a heart attack (sic).”

Referring to the rumours about his heart attack, he said that ‘with the support of his fans nothing can happen to him.’

“I saw lots of wrong information out there. Some said I had suffered a heart attack and that I was lying at a hospital. There were some who photoshopped my face onto some poor patient. I feel that I have seen lots and that this is nothing. When my family, my fans, my friends and people like you support me, nothing can happen to me (sic),” the actor was quoted as saying. 

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Vikram shared the incident of being in an accident when he was 20 years old. He said at the event, “That is because you all know that I suffered an accident when I was 20 years old and that I faced a situation where my leg had to be amputated. When I have recovered from such a situation and come back, all this is nothing. I only had small chest discomfort and that was blown out of proportion.(sic).”

Vikram also showered praises on the music maestro AR Rahman. According to sources, the actor called Rahman, ‘a living legend.’

“The man who was Dilip then, has won two Oscars and is known the world over and is present before us today as AR Rahman sir. What this shows is that if you have a dream for yourselves, if you have a goal and if you work for it, whoever you are, you can reach heights that you never imagined. Rahman sir is a big example of that. I have to thank you sir for giving such a great honour to our country. Rahman sir is a living legend. Be it  Ponniyin Selvan or or Ravanan, I get a fresh burst of energy when I act in his songs because I have loved his music and I am such a great fan of him (sic),” the actor said according to reports.

Talking about his role in Mani Ratnam’s upcoming film Ponniyin Selvan, Vikram was quoted as saying, “A long time ago, I did an advertisement when I hadn't come to the cinema. I played a Chola king in an ad for a tea brand. A cameraman called Chang, a technician called Subramani and a musician named Dilip worked on it as well. Today, I have played the role of the Chola king Aditya Karikalan, that too in an epic film like 'Ponniyin Selvan' under the direction of my dream director Mani Ratnam.”

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