Delhi-based Qraamen has just launched a range inspired by Marvel’s Avengers

This Delhi-based men’s grooming brand, that used to be a herbal brand, has just launched a range inspired by Marvel’s Avengers
Iron Man Vitamin C Range from Qraamen
Iron Man Vitamin C Range from Qraamen

Ever wanted to smell, feel and shine like your favourite superhero? That might not be possible in this lifetime, but we’ve got the next best option. Qraamen, a manufacturer and distributor of grooming products for men has launched a special range of skincare, hair care and beard care products inspired by Marvel’s popular Super Heroes: The Avengers.

The product line-up includes a body scrub, wash and face serum with green coffee as a tribute to Hulk (cause it’s green!); an apple cider vinegar shampoo, conditioner, face and beard wash, and a beard grooming oil inspired by Thor and his hammer Mjölnir (apt because he sports a beard too and apple cider vinegar hammers away at dirt, quite literally); and a Captain America-inspired de-tan face scrub and wash (that invigorates skin to stay ageless a la Captain America), among many others.

“The idea behind Qraamen was to start a separate brand that focused on men’s grooming needs. That’s when Qraa, an already existing brand became Qraamen in 2006. We personally love Marvel characters and it was an obvious choice for us to introduce a range of products that will appeal to the Marvel fans in the country. The products reflect each Marvel character’s traits and we hope this will encourage a few more men to look after themselves,” explains Karan Gupta, founder, Qraamen.

One of our favourites, however, was the Iron Man range fortified with Vitamin C that features a face serum, a face wash, beard growth oil, and a hair and beard wax. “We’re hoping to release a new range coinciding with every Avenger movie release and therefore expect a whole lot more from us. Several movies from the Avengers franchise are slated to release soon,” Karan concludes.

INR 1,200 onwards. Available online.

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