Murtle from Hyderabad unveils a new collection of modular footwear with arty straps 

The label has worked with city-based artist, Nayantara Quader, who helms Trove Craft India, to add an edgy vibe to the footwear.

Paulami Sen Published :  19th March 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  19th March 2021 12:00 AM
Straps with Pattachitra art

Straps with Pattachitra art

Towards the end of 2018, Hyderabad-based Shashank Pawar and his wife, Lizy, decided to take their commitment towards sustainability a step further by launching their modular footwear brand, Murtle. Recently, they unveiled new collection drops that further their cause, in an artistic way.

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Shashank tells us that he has worked with city-based artist, Nayantara Quader, who helms Trove Craft India, to add an edgy vibe to the footwear. “The brand tries its best to encourage the patrons to keep wearing the footwear for as long as they can,” says Shashank.

From Murtle's repertoire

Put a strap on it
Shashank elaborates further that the rural artisans from Odisha, have employed the traditional regional art, Pattachitra, which one can see on the straps. “We also offer several interchangeable straps. Hence, the patrons have the option to change the strap, and mix and match their footwear with their outfit,” says Shashank. We also reached out to Nayantara, to learn a little more about the drop about it. “We got in touch with folk artists from Odisha to paint on Murtle’s straps. This is another way to demonstrate how versatile the concept of modular footwear really is,” she affirms. The pair called A Southern Damsel in a Saree is one such example. That apart, we also got to know that Murtle has other designs which are a nod to the techniques mastered by artisans from the tribal community of Kutch, Gujarat. The other styles in the Murtle repertoire range from slip-ons like padukoids and mojaris.

Interchangeable straps

Away from landfills
They are also working on a project that will involve upcycling tailoring waste. This way, they are taking up their sustainable efforts up a notch. And if your Murtle footwear shows frays in a few places they also take them in and offer to rework them. “That’s how we can ensure that the footwear you got from us remains in circulation and does not go to the landfill.,” informs Shashank. He adds that in case you wanted to throw away footwear from other brands that you no longer like, they can upcycle and rework them as well.

Rs 1,800 upwards.
Available online.