The Ice Cream Bakery opens in Hyderabad and offers flavours like tender coconut and kala jamun 

Here is what The Ice Cream Bakery in Hyderabad has to offer...

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  23rd July 2021 11:22 AM   |   Published :   |  23rd July 2021 11:22 AM
Ice creams from TIB

Ice creams from TIB

Whenever there is a new ice cream outlet in town, we are always excited to try out the menu. Even though the city is witnessing a dip in the temperatures, we had to try out the freshly made ice creams at The Ice Cream Bakery. The brand that has a cult following in Mumbai for its desserts made with seasonal fruits is now in Hyderabad. The outlets have a cosy ambiance with pinewood seating and quirky wall art that shows the full preparation of their desserts.

We started our tasting with their seasonal special menu — Season Reason that has flavours like Chiku, Kiwi, and Tender Coconut. Our first pick from the menu was the Watermelon Ice cream and it tasted just like the fruit — sweet and refreshing. Next up was the Jamun Ice cream, and just like the fruit the dish also came with sour notes. We then picked our next flavour, Guava Chilly, which came topped with a sprinkle of red chilly powder. Although we were slightly skeptical about the chilly powder on ice cream, it hit the spot.

Ice cream
Guava Chilly Ice Cream

Their menu also offers an array of milkshakes like Mocha Mocha, Bon-Bourn, and Dark Night. Since we were in the mood for some dark chocolate, we picked the Glossy Chocolate Shake, which came prepared with rich chocolate and the subtle hint of sweetness made it heavenly.

Our final pick from the menu was a decadent chocolate cake, the Mocha Mocha Ice Cream Cake. The coffee-flavoured cake comes with gooey cream chocolate between the layers of the cake. It was topped with whipped cream.

Mocha Mocha Ice Cream Cake

What makes ice creams from this outlet unique is that they are prepared from scratch using just milk and fresh fruits. Once can also experience live ice cream making at their outlets.

Rs 200 upwards.

Available across all the TIB outlets.