Recipe: Try this Soft Chocolate Cake With Hazelnut Creme recipe on World Chocolate Day

Chef Deepak Chimmwal shares recipe to his signature Soft Chocolate Cake With Hazelnut Creme

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Soft Chocolate Cake With Hazelnut Crème

Soft Chocolate Cake With Hazelnut Crème

What better than a decadent chocolate cake to relish this World Chocolate Day? If you wish to try your hands at baking, then look no further than this simple Soft Chocolate Cake With Hazelnut Crème. The recipe is shared by Deepak Chimmwal, the executive chef of Taj Deccan. He tells us that this chocolate cake is one of his signature preparations.


Chocolate - 250 grams | Butter - 165 grams | Eggs - 3 | Refined flour - 90 grams | Breakfast sugar - 125 grams | Hazelnut paste - 100 grams | Fresh cream - 25 grams | Whipped cream - 150 grams | Pistachio crumbs - 25 grams

Taj Deccan
Chef Deepak Chimmwal


● Melt the chocolate and butter separately. Once they reach their melting point, mix them. Also, take a separate bowl, and mix sugar and eggs with a wooden spatula. 

● Once the chocolate mixture cools down, mix it with the egg-sugar mixture. 

● Now fold in the flour with a wooden spoon till the mixture is blended well. 

● Pour the mixture into the desired mold and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees celsius for 12 minutes. 

● After baking the cake, allow it to cool on a wire rack and once the temperature lowers, store it in the refrigerator to further bring down the temperature. 

● To prepare the hazelnut cream, heat fresh cream on a double boiler to about 50 degrees and then remove it from the heat. Add in the hazelnut paste and give it a nice whisk. 

● Allow the mixture to cool down and fold in whipped cream. 

● Now pour the mixture into a piping bag and pipe it over the cake. 

● Apply some pistachio crumbs at the bottom of the cake. 

● Serve along with some seasonal cut fruits.