With dishes like Murgh Moringa and Kathal Biryani, ITC Hyderabad's new menu is all about nutrition

Check out ITC Hotels's all new menu called, Feel Good - Vocal For Local

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  18th June 2021 11:07 AM   |   Published :   |  18th June 2021 11:07 AM
Murgh Moringa

Murgh Moringa

For those who are health conscious but also looking to indulge, ITC Hotel’s latest menu might be just what they are looking for. The menu has been carefully curated to be both delicious and wholesome. What makes this menu unique is that the ingredients used have been handpicked from the local markets to strengthen the local farmers and producers. Here are our favourite picks...

Moringa and more

We started the meal with the Kachi Haldi Paratdar Paratha and Safed Urad Palak Dal. The dal came with toppings of browned onions and garlic. The comforting dal and the flaky but soft parathas made for an ideal combination.

Safed Urad Palak Dal

From the non-vegetarian section, we sampled the Thande Masale Ki Macchi, the fish was cooked in a thick tomato gravy. While the curry was nicely-seasoned and went well with the parathas, the fish was not as flavourful as we usually prefer it.

Thande Masale Ki Mache

We then moved to the Murgh Moringa which was a mix of coconut cream flavour and drumstick leaves. The chicken was juicy and tender, and the hit of spices in the curry was balanced by the notes of coconut cream. Also, the addition of the drumstick leaves makes this dish our top pick from the tasting.

Biryani bites

The last dish from the main course section was the Kathal Biryani. We liked this jackfruit-based biryani and quite taken in by the robust flavours it offered. The jackfruit was well-seasoned, came loaded with green chillies, and it made up for the absence of meat in the biryani. We washed this down with the Anar Shikanji. The addition of basil seeds and fresh mint was refreshing.

Kathal Biryani

Sweet notes

The desserts section was quite impressive. We tried the Muletti Baadam Kheer and the Jowar Aam Ki Phirnee. While the former was good, the latter blew us away. We loved the addition of the fresh mango layer on top of the phirnee. This decadent dessert was a great end to an equally decadent meal.

Jowar Aam Ki Phirnee

Rs. 1,150 for two. Available online.

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