Hyderabad-based Revel offers ice creams in low calorie and low-sugar options 

With three ice cream flavours, Revel is offering healthy alternatives to the regular ice creams

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  17th September 2021 10:33 AM   |   Published :   |  17th September 2021 10:33 AM
Revel Ice creams

Revel Ice creams

Ice cream brand Revel, the brainchild of Krishna Teja Yadlapati, is perfect for those who religiously count calories. We are told that the ice creams are made with low-calorie and low-sugar ingredients.

Intrigued, we were keen to sample the ice creams ourselves. We first tried the Old Fashioned Vanilla, a classic flavour, and we were impressed with its creamy texture and level of sweetness.

Old Fashioned Vanilla

Our next option was the Choc-Oh! Lot. If you enjoy dark chocolate, then this is just what you need. We thought this one was slightly creamier and richer than the other two options. It also had a strong dark chocolate flavour, hence making the sweetness-quotient slightly low.

Choc-Oh! Lot

The last one on the menu was the Cold Brew Coffee, which was exactly like an ice cream version of a classic cold brew. We can already see this becoming a favourite with coffee lovers.

Cold Brew Coffee

Krishna and his team impress with their expertise on getting the textures and flavours right, despite the restriction on sugar and regular ingredients. We were also informed that these ice creams can be enjoyed by people suffering from diabetics. If you are diet-conscious, then these ice cream tubs from Revel are must-tries.

Rs. 99 upwards. Available for takeaway and online. 

— bsuchitra@newindianexpress.com