Recipe: Check out this easy-to-make pesto scented grilled prawns recipe 

Varun MB of Novotel Hyderabad Airport shares his signature recipe
Ajwain-Cilantro Pesto Scented Grilled Prawns
Ajwain-Cilantro Pesto Scented Grilled Prawns

Seafood lovers will agree that prawns are one of the most popular options that are also easy to cook. However if you wish to experiment with recipes this shellfish needs careful reckoning when it comes to flavours that work. This recipe of Ajwain-Cilantro Pesto Scented Grilled Prawns is a flavoursome creation by the executive chef of Novotel Hyderabad Airport, Varun MB. With just a handful of easily available ingredients, this recipe is a sure-shot to take one on a delectable journey


Ajwain leaves - 40 grams | Coriander leaves - 20 grams | Green chillies - 15 grams | Olive oil - 30 millilitres | Garlic cloves - 4 | Cashewnuts - 30 grams | Salt to taste | Prawns - 500 grams | Refined oil, for grilling - 15 millilitres | Lemon wedges, for garnish | Cilantro leaves for garnish

Chef Varun MB
Chef Varun MB

● For the pesto, make a coarse paste by combining ajwain leaves, coriander, green chilli, garlic, cashewnuts and olive oil.
● Marinate cleaned prawns in the pesto and keep them aside for a minimum of 10 minutes. Ensure you keep some pesto to toss the prawns in after grilling.
● Using a griller or hot plate, grill the prawns for about four minutes on each side or until they are well-cooked.
● Once they are cooked, toss in the remaining pesto.
● Serve hot with lemon wedges and cilantro on the side.    

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