Hyderabad's La Society offers everything from Indian to French and Korean dishes

The travel-themed restaurant is likely to kindle the wanderlust in you

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  15th July 2022 04:12 PM   |   Published :   |  15th July 2022 04:12 PM
Outdoor seating and pasta from La Society

Outdoor seating and pasta from La Society

When we heard that a travel-themed restaurant was opening in Hyderabad, it piqued our interest. We visited the place, La Society, to check it out and were pleasantly surprised with its interiors. From vintage and earthy trunkshaped suitcases to picture frames portraying the most-popular monuments, the place will kindle the hidden wanderlust in you. As for the menu, the 150-seater does its best to bring an array of cuisines to your table. From Pan-Asain and Chinese to Korean and French, name it and they’ve got it. We soon found a quiet corner space and placed our order.

First to arrive was a plate of Afghani Tangdi Kebabs. The yoghurt-marinated meat was juicy and succulent. They were grilled perfectly and we could taste the strong smokey notes. Served with a spicy mint dip, we know we’ll be raving about this plate for a while. Next up was the Grilled Fish, which came with a side of grilled vegetables and mashed potato. The fish fillets cooked in a spicy and tangy soya sauce were flaky and had a crispy outer skin, which we enjoyed. But, the star of this plate had to be the creamy mashed potato that had fried garlic bits adding some crunch.

Afghani Tangdi Kebabs

Tapping our feet to famous pop tracks like Bad Guy and Blank Space, we sampled some of their signature cocktails, made with only fresh fruits. The Whiskey Sour prepared with cinnamon, lemon juice, and orange juice had a subtle sweet flavour. Also, the Sazerac — a concoction of a juice made with peaches, apples, and oranges mixed with bourbon is for those who love strong and fruity drinks.

For the main course, we tried their bestseller, Aglio-e-Olio. What we liked about this pasta bowl was that it had an assortment of vegetables like zucchini, olives, broccoli, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes. We also liked what we tried next — Shepherd’s Pie. A layer of spicy lamb mince topped with a generous layer of cheese was baked and served with slices of garlic bread. The baked meat loaf was oozing with flavour and the cheese and garlic bread paired as perfect accompaniments. This dish just cannot be missed.

sheperd's pie
Shepherd’s Pie

A trio of desserts appeared on our table, and we first tried the Tres Leches. A clear winner, courtesy of the mildly-sweet sponge cake, saffron-based milk, and flavoured-whipped cream. The quintessential Indian favourite dessert, Gulaab Jamun, was served with honey and dry fruits. We must admit, we were slightly disappointed with this as the Jamun balls were too dense and lacked the sweetness we had hoped. Last was the Chocolate Fudge and Walnut Brownie, which was beautifully topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and is something that cheat days are for.

Dessert platter

Rs 1,200 for two. At Jubilee Hills.

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