Bhanu Farms is a fully-integrated food processing unit which is now delivering fresh edibles to your doorsteps

Now you can get vegetables, fruits and ready-to-eat frozen products at your doorstep  

author_img U.Roy Published :  24th April 2020 01:38 AM   |   Published :   |  24th April 2020 01:38 AM

A look at the harvest at bhanu farms

Conscious eating was just snowballing into a full-blown movement when a global pandemic hit us; now we have no choice but to be vigilant about the source of our food. But the lockdown has already taken away so many of our go-to options for sourcing non-toxic, raw, edible staples. Be it our supply of fresh veggies, whole grains or other basic pantry essentials; which means this is not a time to be picky. And yet, people across the city are in dire need of a well-stocked delivery system which can cater to their daily needs and also keeps up with stringent hygiene standards.

Bhanu Farms, a fully integrated, state-of-the-art food processing unit is now delivering freshly harvested, clean vegetables and fruits to your doorsteps along with a range of frozen foods and kitchen staples like burger tikkis, snacks, pasta, vermicelli etc. 

Spring rolls at bhanu farms

Bhanu Farms has been touted as the safest delivery service at the moment as it has managed to eliminate human contact altogether in its manufacturing or packaging process. The processing unit, which is the single-largest frozen food processing unit in India has worked for some of the leading retail chains of the country for the last decade. It started its own delivery service just a few weeks back, when the slowdown began and people began to grow anxious about acquiring daily supplies.

“We started our delivery options after the corona crisis began, when people obviously needed regular, doorstep access to their basic edibles as they couldn’t go out. This is by far the safest possible delivery option for people at the moment. After our vegetables are harvested they are machine-cleaned, there’s no human touch involved, they are cut and peeled as per requirement. The service is functional in Jabalpur, Bhubaneshwar, we’re just starting out in Punjab and of course, Kolkata,” reveals Amit Singh, one of the admins for Bhanu Farms.

Machine process at Bhanu Farms

Bhanu Farms works just like a regular online grocery delivery service; you can go through their online catalogue and call in to place an order. The order will be delivered the next day. On the site we found a range of options from slant-cut beans, to mushrooms, bell peppers, leeks, paneer, carrots, methi, half-cut cobs. We even found already cut veggies which are ready to be used in salads or other recipes, like a 4-way mixed vegetables, round-cut eggplants, spinach cubes, baby corn slices corn-on-cob and more.

"What we offer is even fresher than the veggies you get in the market because what you buy there is reaching you at least 3-4 days after it's been harvested. But our vegetables and fruits are processed and frozen within five hours of harvesting. There are no chemicals involved. Since our manufacturing unit is in Jabalpur, we grow our vegetables and fruits in a heavily vegetated area in Jabalpur itself. They are then carried around in refrigerated trucks for safe delivery,” Singh informs us.

There’s also a range of ready-to-eat frozen foods which you can order like Pizza pockets, Vegetable Pulao, Rajma Chawal, Paneer Fingers, Burger Tikkis, Spring Rolls, Jalapeno Cheese Pockets etc. “People in Kolkata have always been very careful about where they buy their food from, which is why we have been getting so many orders as it’s safe and promises regular delivery,” we are told. 

You can place an order at Bhanu Farms at 9007666000