Mental Health Awareness Month: Selena Gomez reveals why she’s hiring a director of social impact for Rare Beauty

Selena also told fans that she will soon be joining LinkedIn to participate in the hiring process

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Selena opened up about her move to hire a social impact director

Pop icon Selena Gomez announced in February that she is coming up with her own beauty brand called Rare Beauty (named after her third studio album), which advocates the idea of celebrating all forms of beauty. The brand is set to launch this summer and it was revealed recently that the label will offer a 48-brand collection which features a curation of more than four dozen distinct shades of foundations and concealers for different skin colours. And now Selena has revealed that she is set to hire a Director of Social Impact for the label and took to Instagram to explain why.

Rare Beauty has a focus on celebrating the idea of natural beauty

“I will be working side by side with the director of social impact to fulfill our mission. This role will be so exciting, it will be able to help  people connect to other people and feel less alone because we will be giving them access to mental health support and services and I will be an active part of the hiring process, we are very serious about how we make people feel,” said Selena, who also revealed she will soon be joining LinkedIn for the same.

Rare Beauty's CEO Scott Friedman recently opened up about why the idea of responsible marketing was so important to the pop star. "When we first began discussing this project, she immediately focused on the ways she could use this brand to help people who are struggling. And she came at it from a very personal perspective – she had posted on her Instagram, at one point, about 'the beauty myth' and the impossible standards of beauty that women are forced to live up to, and how that pressure can impact a person's self-esteem and mental health,” he said.

Selena with a moodboard at the Rare Beauty office

Selena has herself suffered through mental health issues, and has opened up about how being bullied for her looks drove her towards mental disorder. In fact for Mental Health Awareness month, the singer revealed how she will be sharing community stories to make others feel better about themselves. The singer had revealed that she wanted to start a conversation about how someone can make themselves feel great, without bowing down to social pressure. "People of my generation have all this pressure to look a certain way, and I wanted to make a line that took away a bit of that pressure. I use real people in the campaigns,” Selena said in a recent interview.