Our products excel in their eco-friendliness and longevity: Vox India's Founder Varun Poddar

The company that specialises in home décor has launched a new product in India
Vox Stone Polymer Composite Primerra Oak Concrete
Vox Stone Polymer Composite Primerra Oak Concrete

Poland-based Vox is known for offering wall systems, furniture, doors, floors, façade claddings and ceilings. It has launched a new product in India called the Stone Polymer Composite tiles and is planning to launch new wall paneling products in the near future.

Indulge spoke with Varun Poddar, Founder, Vox India and the interaction went from his company's latest offering, to topics like going eco-friendly, the company's future product launches and more.

Varun Poddar, Founder, VOX India
Varun Poddar, Founder, VOX India


Q: Tell us about your latest product launch and the impact you believe it will have on home décor.

A: Our latest product launch is Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) tiles. Being a combination of stone and polymer, these are very suitable for projects in India as they look and feel like wood, but are waterproof and easily installable. The product has been a tremendous success in the Indian market for the past five years and is fast replacing traditional wood-based products.

Q: How much does Vox concentrate on being eco-friendly? Does it have an effect on your decisions, like launching a new product range, for example?

A: Vox places significant emphasis on being environmentally friendly. Our responsibility towards the environment is a shared endeavour, at an individual and an organisational level. This commitment deeply influences our decisions, even when launching new product ranges. Vox products serve as substitutes for wood, effectively reducing the need for tree felling. In shaping the Vox product range, we continually evaluate production possibilities, striving to minimise our ecological impact. Vox products excel in their eco-friendliness and longevity, eliminating the necessity for maintenance or replacements due to their waterproof nature. Also, recycling constitutes a crucial facet of our production approach, as we incorporate recycled materials in our offerings. Depending on the product, recyclable materials constitute up to 80 per cent of the total weight. Health considerations are paramount. Our products are entirely safe, devoid of hazardous elements and volatile organic compounds. We prioritize safety by eschewing harmful substances like lead and tin during production. Furthermore, our commitment to curbing our carbon footprint is reflected in the fact that, in comparison to products crafted solely from synthetic polymers, our products reduce carbon footprint by up to 40 per cent.

The company is already in the home décor business
The company is already in the home décor business

Q: Home décor is constantly evolving and how does your product add to the latest trends?

A: Vox is already in the home décor market with its innovative ceilings, wall paneling, skirtings, and external facades in three variants. We now offer flooring products as well. All these products complement each other in appearance and technical properties like water resistance, wood finishing, durability, and easy installation. Moreover, these products are all unique in the benefits they offer clients.

Q: Could you give us the price range of the product and when it would come to store shelves?

A: Our products are competitively priced, taking into account their features and benefits. They will be available with distributors in most cities by the first week of September. The MRP starts from INR 205 per sq. ft.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming product range and what we can expect from it.

A: We are planning to launch more wall paneling products to complement our current ranges. These can also be easily installed on existing surfaces without having to remove and re-fit them.

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