Check out e’clat Superior’s new men’s range if buying a Father’s Day gift is on your mind

The range is rather complete when it comes to picking products for a beginner’s routine.
E’clat Superior men's range
E’clat Superior men's range

In the last couple of years, there has been a steady rise in the importance given to men’s grooming. With the lockdown, and the consequent closure of salons, effective skincare has been sought after. In sync with that, e’clat Superior garnered quite the social media visibility with their ingredient-focused skincare. They recently launched their grooming range for men. Although the jury is still on the need for separate products for men and women, some might like the idea that the products in the High Profile Men range are formulated for targeted concerns and seems hassle-free to use.

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Skin deep
The label was earlier known for their Fadeout Pigment Correcting Serum, exfoliators directed for acne, and even offers Gua Sha massage tools. The founder, Sandeep Gupta, tells us, “After a lot of research, we began to understand the need for the inclusion of a beauty routine for men. We had to learn about their habits, the availability of specialised skincare, and the ingredients that can work. We curated the data and based on our findings, launched the new range.” After in-depth research, the range was launched this month. Sandeep mentions that the hero products from the line are serums. “We wanted to focus on creating products that target several concerns and recurring skin conditions. The serum under the men’s range, called the Skin Rejuvenating Serum, comprises humectants or moisturising agents like
hyaluronic acid, oatmeal lipid oil, niacinamide,” says the Ahmedabad - based entrepreneur.

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Keep it simple
The range is rather complete when it comes to picking products for a beginner’s routine. We noticed that they have a Hydrating Sunscreen with Pollution Shield. Any skin care regimen is incomplete without sunscreen, so we think it is wise they included one. We notice that what the patrons like about the brand is the fact that it involves scientific research and an explanation behind the ingredients. For someone who is just beginning to understand the basics of skincare, Sandeep suggests keeping it simple. The inclusion of an effective cleanser along with a powerful sunscreen, he shares could be the foremost steps. “The times have changed, and we realise that skincare is a must for everyone, irrespective of gender,” he says signing off.

Rs 4,250 upwards for the whole range.
Available online.


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