Scuba diver’s sixer under the sea: A CSK fan's celebration that has stood out among others 

An ardent fan of CSK, Aravind wishes to use the celebration opportunity to further his efforts.
Aravind Tharunsri and his team dove underwater and played cricket on May 30
Aravind Tharunsri and his team dove underwater and played cricket on May 30

Following the momentous win of Chennai Super Kings on May 29, the entire city erupted in cheers for their favourite team. Banners were put up, and fireworks lit the sky as the Chennai makkal celebrated their home team. But among the din of the celebration, one fan stood out in his actions.

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Diving below 60 feet in Neelankarai, on May 30, Aravind Tharunsri, a scuba diving instructor and fitness enthusiast, along with his team, went underwater and played cricket to commemorate CSK’s victory. Aravind runs a scuba diving centre in Puducherry and trains a few governmental organisations and individuals in diving. “Our main objective is to help with marine conservation and clean up plastic pollution. Besides shore clean-ups, we also focus on underwater cleaning to help with conservation against plastic pollution,” he says.

A scuba diving instructor for the past 18 years, Aravind’s centre accepts all children above ten to learn scuba diving. The centre has a branch in Neelankarai. “It is unfortunately seasonal (in Chennai). From the months of January to April, we keep our centre open in Neelankarai because the water is usually blue. After those months, it becomes green and hard to see anything underwater. Thankfully, the water wasn’t too bad while videotaping our match celebration. So that’s a relief!” he says.

From holding India’s first underwater marriage and engagement, to the world’s first underwater book release, Aravind has carved a niche for himself. The reason was to garner the public’s attention. “I want to bring awareness to the people around me about the importance of conserving the ocean. And holding events underwater, and gaining attention can help spread the message about ocean conservation,” he shares.

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An ardent fan of CSK, Aravind wishes to use the opportunity of celebration to further his efforts. “When I do something underwater, I wish for it to translate into the message of saving the ocean. Don’t throw your plastics on the beach or into the sea and rivers, keep your surroundings clean,” he says. He and his daughter Thaaragai Aarathana make conservation efforts to save the ocean and have been recognised nationally for their environmental services.

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