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Google developing cross-device notifications feature

Google developing cross-device notifications feature

Cross-device notifications will allow users to start playing a playlist or podcast in their car and resume it on their phone or TV later

Published on 7th January 2023
Updates from Spotify Rap 91 Live

Spotify Rap 91 Live featured artistes like Raja Kumari and Emiway Bantai

Rappers Yungsta, Srushti Tawade and MC Couper shares their thoughts on Rap 91 Live

Published on 29th December 2022
Arijit Singh is one of the most streamed artistes in Spotify India Wrapped 2022

Spotify Wrapped 2022: Arijit Singh most streamed artiste for third consecutive year; Pritam bags second spot

The Spotify Wrapped unveils the top artistes, most streamed songs, albums, and podcasts of the year 2022

Published on 30th November 2022
Spotify brings audio enhancement for podcast creators

Spotify brings audio enhancement for podcast creators

With the feature called Podcast Audio Enhancement, podcast creators will be able to record in noisy environments and without expensive gear

Published on 23rd November 2022

Spotify unveils redesigned home screen with sections for music, shows and podcasts

The feature is currently being rolled out for Android users and will soon be available on iOS

Published on 10th August 2022
Spotify’s premium users will get individual buttons for Shuffle, Play

Spotify’s premium users will get individual buttons for Shuffle, Play

This new change will allow premium users to choose the mode they prefer at the top of playlists and albums and listen to them the way they want to

Published on 3rd August 2022

Spotify expands video podcasts for creators in 6 non-English speaking countries

Spotify has announced plans to expand video podcasts for creators in six new countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Mexico.

Published on 14th July 2022

Spotify expands video podcasts for creators in 6 new countries

Spotify has announced the expansion of video podcasts feature for creators in six new countries: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Mexico

Published on 13th July 2022

Soon, Spotify may let you create in-app podcasts. Here's everything we know:

The company introduced this feature in New Zealand last month. It will remove the need of having a separate app, like Spotify-owned Anchor, to record and publish a quick take for podcasts

Published on 2nd July 2022

Spotify has a new Community feature that lets users see friends' real-time activity

Music streaming platform Spotify has confirmed that it is developing a new feature called Community that would allow mobile users to see what sort of music their friends are streaming in real-time

Published on 27th June 2022
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

The Obamas' podcast to leave Spotify for Amazon's Audible 

Frustrated with Spotify's exclusive terms, former US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama have left the Swedish music streaming platform

Published on 22nd June 2022
Sonantic to be acquired by Spotify

Spotify to acquire London-based AI voice platform Sonantic

The London-based startup helps creates compelling, nuanced, and stunningly realistic voices from text.

Published on 13th June 2022

Spotify launches video podcasting 

Swedish music streaming service Spotify said it is now allowing creators in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to upload video podcasts

Published on 23rd April 2022

Kolkata musician Soham Bhattacharya releases single on the plight of migrant workers

Just Those Tears was recorded with simple arrangements so as to not overpower the words with too many instrument

Published on 12th April 2022

Spotify is testing a new TikTok-like music discovery feed 

Music streaming service Spotify is testing a personalised feed on the app's home screen like Chinese short-video making platform TikTok to help users discover music easily

Published on 11th April 2022

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