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Recipe: Boost your immunity with this delicious iced paan latte

Betel nut leaves are rich in iron and calcium and have several other health benefits

Published on 22nd September 2020
Immunity Boosting Foods

JW Marriott Kolkata brings its best gourmet experiences to your doorstep 

JW Marriott Kolkata delivers its gourmet food at your doorstep

Published on 28th August 2020

Recipe: This Lemon Coriander Soup is a great immunity booster, especially during monsoon

This refreshing soup is just the right thing to keep your gut strong during the rainy season

Published on 28th July 2020

Celery meets tequila in this delicious immunity-boosting cocktail recipe

All it takes are seven ingredients

Published on 20th July 2020

From antiviral foods to healing yoga, The Magic Immunity Pill: Lifestyle by Shilpa Shetty Kundra & Luke Coutinho is exactly what we need right now

Expect detox brews, movement as medicine and alternative modalities to wellness like music and the impact of prayer on a genetic level

Published on 17th July 2020

Indulge Time Pass: Luke Coutinho has pointers for emotional detox, better sleep cycles and sustainable workouts

Holistic expert Luke Coutinho explains how we can enable our best lifestyle habits

Published on 18th June 2020

Add some spice to your life and boost your immunity system

Simple kitchen spices can help you in boosting your immunity

Published on 11th June 2020

On World Milk Day, raise a glass to boost immunity

Boost immunity by including milk and other dairy products in your diet

Published on 1st June 2020

Green tea vs Black tea: Which is a better immunity booster?

Amitava Sarkar, President Health Foods, SastaSundar.com tells us about the benefits of green and black tea

Published on 14th May 2020

Recipe: Feeling under the weather? This quick and easy turmeric latte is just the immunity booster you need

And it requires just a handful of simple ingredients from your pantry

Published on 11th May 2020

Sartorial healing: Here's our pick of designer clothes that may just help relieve stress, cure skin issues and boost your immunity

We take a look at a new wave of designers who are weaving the healing properties of flowers, herbs, spices and tree barks into the very fabric of their designs

Published on 24th April 2020

  Indulge Time Pass: Nutritionist and weight management consultant Kavita Devgan suggests ways to build immunity to combat COVID-19

The time is ripe to strengthen your immunity against all the viruses

Published on 23rd April 2020

Lockdown special: Chef Nilesh Pawar shares easy immunity-boosting veggie snack recipes

Quarantine snacking doesn’t have to be carb-loaded. Eat well and healthy with these chef-approved immunity boosting veggie snacks which take minutes to prepare


Published on 17th April 2020

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