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Katrina Kaif posted this picture on Instagram

Decoded: Katrina Kaif's mantra to stay fit, 'Eat, sleep, train, repeat'

The actress shared a stunning picture of herself where she spells out this mantra and what she does in the day to be in shape

Published on 25th March 2021

Netflix may be launching a sleep timer feature for Android users 

The new feature lets people choose between four timer settings -- 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or end of whatever people are watching

Published on 30th January 2021

Wellness: A quick guide to the hormones that keep you in a good mood

Give your serotonin levels a boost to improve your overall well-being

Published on 8th January 2021
Report: Amazon plans Alexa device that monitors sleep disorder

Report: Amazon plans Alexa device that monitors sleep disorder

The device resembles a "standing hexagonal pad connected to a metal wire base," the report noted

Published on 6th January 2021

Luke Coutinho’s new ebook is about the best ways to access the healing powers of sleep

A New Way of Living, centred around circadian rhythm delivers some pretty stark revelations about the healing benefits of a good night’s rest

Published on 1st January 2021

Partying all night long? Here are some antioxidant foods to reduce the appearance of dark circles

Strawberry, pomegranate, grape and cucumber are some of the foods on the list

Published on 25th December 2020

Here's why you need to make a good night's sleep your top priority

Sleep deprivation can lead to compromised immunity in a myriad of ways

Published on 18th December 2020
Apple Watch

Nightware uses Apple Watch to help reduce sleep disturbances related to nightmares

It uses an Apple Watch and an Apple iPhone that are configured and logged into a software application and the Nightware server

Published on 7th November 2020

Trouble sleeping? Here are five products that will help induce sleep

From sleep mists to sleep-inducing shower gels, give these products a try for a good night’s sleep

Published on 15th August 2020
Italian actress Franca Valeri (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni, file)

End of an era: Franca Valeri, Italy's pioneering comic actress, passes away in her sleep at 100

Franca Valeri, an elegant, ironic and versatile actor who pioneered female comic roles in Italy's post-war years and helped the nation laugh at its foibles, has died at 100.

Published on 10th August 2020

Migraine again? These five lifestyle changes promise relief and a whole lot more peace

Aromatherapy and massaging your temples with lavender oil will make a world of difference

Published on 30th July 2020

A World of Calm: Let Idris Elba, Keanu Reeves and Nicole Kidman help you fall asleep

These stars are on board to narrate a sleep and relaxation TV series

Published on 18th July 2020

Indulge Time Pass: Luke Coutinho has pointers for emotional detox, better sleep cycles and sustainable workouts

Holistic expert Luke Coutinho explains how we can enable our best lifestyle habits

Published on 18th June 2020

The Sleeping Satellite's new song Udd Chala is about liberating yourself and taking a leap of faith

Udd Chala is a part of their upcoming EP Manzil, which is set to have various sounds like from alternative rock to post/progressive rock.

Published on 10th June 2020

Dr Gowri Kulkarni helps in fixing your erratic sleeping pattern

Dr Gowri Kulkarni tells us how to beat insomnia and fix our sleep pattern during quarantine 

Published on 15th May 2020

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