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International clowns will perform in Bengaluru, showcasing their circus skills and circus skills, marking the first mega festival after pandemic lockdowns, showcasing a 100-minute Broadway-style

Clowns from across the world will congregate in India for the upcoming International Clown Festival 2023, here’s all you need to know…

The upcoming fête hopes to revive an interest in clowning across the country…

Published on 28th September 2023
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Experts reveal how you can fake a beauty sleep on zombie days

Girls, on days when you have slept for less than six hours, these makeup secrets may come in handy

Published on 6th September 2023
Innovative mattresses are reshaping our sleep patterns

Embracing the mattress tech revolution

We’ve moved from basic sleeping surfaces to enhanced mattresses tech — they’ve transformed into advanced sleep solutions designed to nurture our physical and mental health

Published on 2nd September 2023
People who charge their iPhones while they sleep are advised not to sleep next to them while they are charging by Apple.

Do not sleep next to your iPhones while charging, Apple Warning

People who charge their iPhones while they sleep are advised not to sleep next to them while they are charging by Apple.

Published on 23rd August 2023
JISORA Garden Party collection

Jisora launches Garden Party collection

Jisora's sleepwear, loungewear, and resort wear collections in pure cotton fabric can be worn on any occasion.

Published on 11th August 2023
Create a sleep-conducive environment, ensuring a quiet, dark, and cool bedroom

Unlocking the secrets of sleep: understanding the four stages for optimal rest and Well-being

Quality sleep enhances daily performance and productivity

Published on 1st August 2023
Priya Rajiv, Vijay Mangam and Kavitha Mantha

Drizzle and dazzle

Akshara Ananda Wellness hosted a wellness session: A Good Night’s Sleep which addressed sleep-related issues that we go through in today’s day and age

Published on 28th July 2023
In frame: AP Dhillon

AP Dhillon releases his latest single titled ‘Sleepless’ 

The single is the second release of 2023 for the singer following the success of True Stories 

Published on 27th July 2023
here are some beverages that one can consume that have been seen to improve one’s quality of sleep

Five beverages that help you sleep better at night 

Studies suggest that consuming tart cherry juice leads to better and longer sleep

Published on 12th May 2023
Image Credits: Canva

Create a relaxing bedtime routine for restful sleep: A step-by-step guide

Setting a stable bedtime routine might be a savior to those that suffer from insomnia and similar problems

Published on 11th May 2023
Experts suggest creating a bedtime routine that includes relaxing activities like taking a bath or shower

Try these five tips to optimise your sleep and increase productivity

We are frequently conscious that eight hours of sleep per night is ideal, but it can be challenging to achieve this goal when daily commitments to friends, family, and work

Published on 4th April 2023
World Sleep Day is observed on March 17 every year.

World Sleep Day: Expert reveals benefits of mindful sleeping and how to achieve it

There are three elements important for healthy sleep — duration, continuity, and depth. 

Published on 18th March 2023
Energy, not time, is the new currency for production

Four strategies to optimise sleep and productivity

We are generally aware that eight hours of sleep per night is desirable, but it can be challenging to achieve this goal due to daily commitments

Published on 17th March 2023

Pillow talk: Cooling tech to natural fibres and heightened support, we explore the advancements in R&D for your best night of rest yet

On World Sleep Day, we take you pillow shopping with the newest advancements in the market and chat with a sleep expert and feng shui specialist 

Published on 17th March 2023
A nice mattress is one of the key elements in getting a good night's sleep

Here are some tell-tale signs of a bad mattress

A mattress is now typically used for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, a great amount of thought should be given before buying a mattress

Published on 23rd September 2022

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