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Step up to skin cycling, a 'deliberate and strategic' approach to skincare

A new skincare trend advocates resting the skin in cycles from overuse of products for long-lasting, healthy results

Published on 27th November 2022
Alps Goodness Orange Peel Powder for Skin & Hair

Product review: Double delight with the Alps Goodness Orange Peel Powder for Skin & Hair

The Alps Goodness Orange Peel Powder for Skin & Hair is a pocket-friendly, dual-purpose mask. Once you open the seal, a zip-log packet contains the powder that is unscented

Published on 20th November 2022
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International Men’s Day: Grooming products men should try

Here are some grooming products meant just for men.

Published on 18th November 2022

Kick off winter skin care on a radiant note with these six face masks

We list out six must have masks that are hydrating, nourishing and perfect for Indian winter

Published on 18th November 2022
The launch came a day after a cryptic video that Deepika shared on Wednesday evening

Deepika Padukone launches skincare brand 82°E; hubby Ranveer Singh says, “baby shine on!”

The brand promises skincare that is clinically tested, clean, cruelty-free and vegan

Published on 10th November 2022
Kosmoderma Ultra Moisture Blast

Product review: Kosmoderma Ultra Moisture Blast face and body moisturiser

The active ingredient in the formulation is lactic acid (1 percent), which helps reduce flakiness and dryness

Published on 6th November 2022
Carmesi’s facial razor for women

Product Review - Perfection in personal care

We recently tried Carmesi’s facial razor for women and it proved itself as a useful personal care product for several reasons

Published on 30th October 2022

Five lip balms to add to your skincare regimen this winter 

Expect flavours that range from mojito to chocolate

Published on 28th October 2022

This Diwali, protect your skin with these four useful skincare tips!

To make sure our skin doesn’t look very dull or face breakouts, medical and aesthetic dermatologist Dr Poorva Shah has four tips to share.  

Published on 18th October 2022
In this humid and ever-changing climate, it is crucial to take care of your baby's skin

Here is how to choose body care lotions for your newborn's skincare routine

When choosing the appropriate skin-care products for your child, one must exercise extreme caution and ideally only use items that have received clinical approval

Published on 20th September 2022
Product review: SunScoop sunscreens

Product review: SunScoop offers several sunscreen variants including matte, invisible, fluid and glow

Protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays is a priority, therefore, I like to try different sunscreens to see which one suits my needs best

Published on 4th September 2022

NutriGlow launches new anti-aging skincare range

The limited edition range caters to all skin types and is vegan-friendly

Published on 2nd September 2022
Even though body acne is a common skincare concern, it can be harder to treat if you are in the dark about what you should do

A beginner's guide to tackling body acne

Even though body acne is a common skincare concern, it can be harder to treat if you are in the dark about what you should do

Published on 27th August 2022
Some tips to take care of your skin this monsoon

Here are some tips to deal with itchy skin during monsoon

All skin types should take extra precautions during the season as it can lead to many skin problems

Published on 24th August 2022
Here is an extensive skincare routine for all skin types

Here is a fantastic regime for flawless skin for all skin types

Ideally, we should tend to our skin at least twice every day, which is also known as the AM-PM skin routine

Published on 19th August 2022

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