Deepika Rathod

Five health benefits of Vitamin B1

One of the most important vitamins that play an important role in the healing of the stomach is Vitamin B1

28 Apr 2023

Peanut power: Here are some benefits of peanuts you might not know

Peanuts contain biotin and we all know that this is fantastic for hair growth, so people who have hair fall or alopecia, can add handful of peanuts daily to improve Zinc and a B Vitamin deficiency

25 Apr 2023

Diabetic Diet Plan: Five ways to manage your sugar levels naturally

We all know about at least one or two people in our circle suffering from hyperglycaemia or pre-diabetes or diabetes which is nothing but a lifestyle disease caused by unhealthy lifestyle

15 Apr 2023

Six benefits of asafoetida we bet you did not know about

From migraines to menstrual cramps, this humble ingredient found in the Indian kitchen provides an easy-to-access remedy

07 Apr 2023

Here are eight simple lifestyle changes to improve the quality of your day

These are some insightful tips and strategies specifically designed to help you maintain healthy eating habits, build strength, and live well

28 Sep 2023

Mane Remedies: Four best benefits of Shikakai

Shikakai an amazing natural and safe product over any chemical lab products that eventually enters the body and causes more damage

21 Mar 2023

Listen To Your Body: Here’s why free radicals and oxidative stress is not good for your health

Let’s observe what exactly these two terms are and whether they are good or bad for our system

10 Mar 2023

All about copper

Drinking from a copper mug is good for you but beware of the consequences of excess copper

05 Mar 2023

Home remedies to bid goodbye to that pesky cough or cold

If it suits you, try it for sure without jumping on medications immediately

25 Feb 2023

This pantry staple works wonders for acid reflux and diabetes

Fenugreek is an aromatic plant that has many uses, especially in India, both culinary and medicinal

03 Feb 2023

Five tips to improve symptoms of menopause

Around the menopause phase, women start facing symptoms like irregular period cycles as well as flow, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, severe mood swings, weight gain, abdominal fat gain, etc

27 Jan 2023

Here are some lesser-known health benefits of yellow mustard

Mustard seeds play a huge role in reducing inflammation and training the immune system to switch off and switch on the chronic inflammation as and when required to maintain good organ health

23 Jan 2023

Here’s what to avoid and embrace to bolster your pelvic muscles

As a kid or adult, our bladder and urinary tract hold strength and flexibility, but as we grow old, the tissues and muscles in this area become less stretchy, starts losing its strength

13 Jan 2023

Kick off 2023 with these sustainable health habits 

With new resolutions, it’s important to analyse what worked best for you in 2022 and keep following those habits regularly

06 Jan 2023

Five changes you can make to achieve healthy lifestyle goals in 2023

From reducing gaps between meals to making a simple workout routine – here are a few actionable lifestyle shifts

28 Dec 2022

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