Rohan Solomon’s new track, Without a Trace, reflects the present anxieties of the new normal

His new track is a rather sombre ballad that features solo vocals and acoustic guitar.

Paulami Sen Published :  23rd October 2020 09:49 AM   |   Published :   |  23rd October 2020 09:49 AM

Rohan Solomon

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Rohan Solomon has clearly carved a niche for himself in the genre of indie pop-rock. The singles that he released during the pandemic -  Keep Holding On and Victoria’s Secret - are a reflection of the times, and mirror the anxieties of the new normal. Although Victoria’s Secret secured the second spot in the World Indie Music Charts, it is his single Without A Trace - released this month - that captured our attention even more. “With so much uncertainty in the world, it really gave me time to introspect, and allowed me to write about things that I've been feeling,” says the composer.

The musician believes that the quarantine forced the best out of him, despite the limited resources available at his home studio. The lack of technical support inadvertently was a boon as it gave him a free-hand to get experimental with his sound and find one that best reflected his emotions. “After the last two singles, I think I've come to a point where I’ve found it,” says the musician, talking about his latest release.

His new track is a rather sombre ballad that features solo vocals and acoustic guitar. What one also notices are the sounds of a symphony orchestra. It is this which makes the composition stand out. He contacted Tiffany Weiss (New York-based violinist)  and asked her to create some parts for the violin and cello, and record it with her duo group, 7th House Strings. Rohan then wrote the song in collaboration with his friend Suhasini Mehta, and sharing that there is an interesting backstory about how it worked out. “We were on a Skype call, and I remember telling her that I was going through a writer’s block. I had feelings of self doubt. But what ended up happening was we would say things to each other in the course of the conversation which I thought would make a good phrase in a song or a good song title,” shares the musician with a varied range of inspirations from Michael Jackson and The Beatles to Billie Eilish and Keith Urban. When we ask if an album is in the offing, Rohan remains tight-lipped but confirmed he is working on more singles that will be out shortly, giving his fans something to look forward to.

Without a Trace is available on all leading online platforms.