Broadway all the way!

An exclusive live concert featuring your favourite Broadway hits — The Sound of Music, Grease, Jesus Christ Superstar, Hamilton, Rent, Rock of Ages, and many more... 
(L) Thresea Jeevan Pattery; and (R) Kumaran Sethuraman
(L) Thresea Jeevan Pattery; and (R) Kumaran Sethuraman

Experience the magic of Broadway classics in Chennai as Poochu’s Productions presents Broadway, a musical live concert, and rock on to unforgettable enchanting melodies with captivating stories.
Why Broadway, you ask? Well, Denver Anthony Nicholas from Poochu’s Productions replies, “The genre of musicals was my introduction to theatre in Chennai that left an everlasting impression on me. Even though I produce and direct other genres of theatre, my love for the musicals supersedes the rest. So, to celebrate it, we are paying a tribute to some greats.”

The musical night will present  28 songs — Greased Lightning (Grease), Heaven on Their Minds (Jesus Christ Superstar), Love is an Open Door (Frozen), La Vie Boheme (Rent), Alexander Hamilton (Hamilton) and many more.

Sangita Santhosham
Sangita Santhosham

“Our concerts are about incredible music that caters to individuals of different age groups. So far, we’ve staged concerts about the ’80s  Rock, ’90s Pop, ’50s and ’60s golden oldies, Country etc,” adds Denver.
These musical concerts aim to give people an experience of live music based on the genre of music they prefer. “It creates memories for them of their favourite music. In that sense, every concert brings a huge percentage of new, different and diverse audiences. Our aim is to keep igniting the spark of performance within us. It allows us to continually hone our skills as performers; we keep pushing our boundaries as performers. So, it’s a win-win situation, I believe,” Denver shares. 

Rs 200 onwards. 
Tickets available online. 
July 22. 3 pm and 6 pm.

Alliance Française of Madras.

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