“If you can see somebody on social media, why will you to go to the screen to watch them,” asks Kajol

The actress has 12.6 million followers on Instagram
Kajol speaks about social media and stardom
Kajol speaks about social media and stardom

Popular Bollywood actress, Kajol said in a recent interview that the increasing use of social media has diluted the concept of stardom. She added that with celebrities putting their lives on social media, the eagerness among viewers to watch them on the big screen has reduced.

“Most people put their entire lives on social media and are doing only that one thing 24 hours. Half the time they are on screen, half the time they are on social media. I truly admire that they are able to put in that much time and energy but it does dilute your (stardom). If you can see somebody on social media, why will you to go to the screen to watch them (sic),” the actress was quoted as saying.

The Dilwale actress added in the interview that now, due to social media, a person can become famous in many ways, which was earlier mostly reserved for people who appeared on the big screen.

“The influx of people on social media has diluted it. The only people who were famous were the only people on the big screen. Now you can be famous for n number of things — way you comb your hair, nails etc. There are so many ways to be famous today. Fame has itself become a very used common pronoun (sic),” the actress said, according to reports.

Media sources state that Kajol avoids putting too many posts about her personal life. The U Me Aur Hum actress currently has 730 posts on Instagram and 12.6 million followers.

Kajol was recently seen at the special screening for her 1997 thriller Gupt as the film completed 25 years since its release. The event was also attended by Bobby Deol, who played the main lead in the film. Kajol had debuted in Bollywood with 1992 film, Bekhudi. She was last seen in 2021 Netflix film  Tribhanga. According to reports she will next be seen in Revathi’s Hindi-language directorial, Salaam Venky.

Recently, Kajol was invited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to be a part of the Oscars panel for 2023. Talking to media sources on the topic, she said,  “I am of course very very proud of that fact. I was a little taken aback, I was a little surprised. But I think it is something that I am very proud of the fact that as an Indian I’ve been invited there and that is I think it’s a proud moment for everybody (sic).”

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