Kiccha Sudeep and Salman Khan open up on the ‘North vs South’ film industry debate

Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona starring Jacqueline Fernandez is scheduled for a July 28, 2022 release

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Sudeep and Salman Khan with Jacqueline Fernandez at Vikrant Rona Hindi trailer launch

Sudeep and Salman Khan with Jacqueline Fernandez at Vikrant Rona Hindi trailer launch

Kannada actor, Kiccha Sudeep was recently in Mumbai for the Hindi trailer launch of his upcoming film Vikrant Rona with his co-star in the filmJacqueline Fernandez. They were also  joined by Bollywood actor Salman Khan at the event. Sudeep and Salman were asked by the media to share their thoughts on the North vs South film industry debate.

On the topic, Sudeep was quoted as saying, “There are several films that are made in the South, and not every movie does well. We cannot call it domination. There are good times for everything. If the Hindi film industry wasn’t doing great films if it didn’t have great people, how would you sustain the industry for so many years? It’s like Virat Kohli being out of form for a while. Are you going to take away his records? It doesn’t work that way. At the end of the day, there are lots of films being made, some work, some don’t (sic).”

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Salman Khan also opened up on the subject stating that he has worked with many artistes from the southern film industry. 

“We all try to make the best film. We want it to reach everyone. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. There’s no formula to it. This has always been there. For some reason, it had stopped. I have worked with a lot of talent from the South. I have worked with him (Sudeep), Prakash Raj, Prabhudheva, and a lot of South directors and DOPs. I am working with Venky (Venkatesh) now, who started with Anari. There was even Kamal Haasan. All the south people have worked here and given big hits (sic),” Salman told media sources.

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Sudeep also added that there exists a collaboration between the film industries in India, calling it a ‘beautiful thing to exchange ideas’.

“We collaborate on Hindi films. Sir (Salman) is now supporting our film. Why would she (Jacqueline) come and do our film (Vikrant Rona)? Why would we call her? We can be ‘south south’. None of us is working that way. Right now sir (Salman) is doing a prime role in Hyderabad. He’s going (for shoot) and coming back. Why would he do that? All of us are secure. It’s a beautiful thing to exchange ideas, and collaborate. I think it’s a beautiful atmosphere that we have, which you may not see,” said Sudeep, according to media sources.

Vikrant Rona is an upcoming action fantasy film which has been helmed by Anup Bhandari. The film that stars Sudeep and Jacqueline in lead roles is scheduled for a July 28, 2022 release. 

On the topic of supporting Sudeep and his bond with the actor, Salman was quoted as saying “He has done Bigg Boss, I have done Bigg Boss. He has done Huchcha, I have done Tera Naam (a Hindi remake of the Kannada film). We have a long history and a long connect.We have Dabangg as well. I have seen his work and he is fantastic. It's just not that I am going to help family and friends. Only if they can help me with an outstanding product, only then will I lend my support or be a part of it. And they think that I am supporting them. Wrong. They are supporting me (sic).”