Hollywood star Ryan Gosling praises Dhanush, calls him ‘a very special actor’ 

Actor Dhanush’s next movie will see him go head-to-head with Ryan Gosling in Netflix’s upcoming action-thriller. 
The Gray Man poster
The Gray Man poster

Tamil superstar Dhanush is starring opposite Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas in the upcoming action-thriller The Gray man, directed by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, which will begin streaming on Netflix on July 22.And the Indian actor left his American co-stars impressed.

“He just has an incredible screen presence and he's such a lovely person to be around, (sic)” Ryan said about Dhanush and added that Dhanush is ‘charming’ and he would love to work with him again.

The Golden-Globe winner went on to say, “It was hard to pretend that I didn't like him because he is so charming. I have so much respect for his work ethic and he is so precise. (sic)”He continued, “He never made a mistake. He's just a very special actor and I hope one day I get to work with him where we are not trying to kill each other, and hopefully in India, so if anyone can hook that up, I am in. (sic)”

Ryan also spoke about the Tamil Film Industry, “Yes, India has such a rich film history ... an incredible industry. I would love to experience it, you know. (sic)” He also spoke about his interest to work with Dhanush again, “If there are any filmmakers who want to make a film with me, please reach out. I would love to work with Dhanush again. Maybe the Russo brothers could make a film out there, but it is definitely something on my to-do list and I hope I can make that happen. (sic)”

According to media reports, Ryan has improved his own game In The Gray Man, as the movie’s fight scenes involve nine death-defying scenes; the actor said that everything in the movie was tough, but said that it was something he wanted to do even when it was challenging.

Media sources asked Ryan about how much is too much for an actor to invest in a film like The Gray Man, to which he replied, “I am not sure how much is too much. That depends. This was kind of a dream of mine to make an action film even though it is very extreme. I guess most action films have four or five action set pieces. This has nine. (sic)”

The movie is based on a CIA-themed thriller novel of the same name and involved a series of choreographed stunt scenes and action sequences, as reported by media sources. Ryan spoke about the experience by saying, “Every sequence was different and required something else. Sometimes we were shooting multiple sequences at once, and we went and shot another sequence, so it was like keeping all the stunt choreography in your head and it would be easy to forget and do one fight. I had never done anything like shooting multiple fight scenes at once, so it was all very challenging. (sic)”

In the movie, Ryan plays Sierra Six, also known as ‘The Gray Man,’ a trained assassin who is inducted into the CIA's top-secret Sierra black ops programme from a US federal prison. Talking about his character Ryan said, “I liked his sense of humour. I thought it made him different and a lot of the different characters I have played in action films. ... I like the fact that the character doesn't want to be a spy. He does not want to be James Bond and wants to watch Netflix like the rest of us, but he has to do this because it is either this or death. I just thought it would make him an interesting character to play. (sic)”

The movie also stars Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick, Rege-Jean Page, Wagner Moura, Julia Butters, Alfre Woodard, and Billy Bob Thornton.  

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