Gaurang Shah's latest edit Greeshm is an ode to summer

Greeshm is a celebration of handweaves, announcing the onset of spring and summer with ensembles that are festive and comfortable

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Pieces from Greeshm

Pieces from Greeshm

A summer collection that will take you on a journey of handcrafted luxury, Gaurang Shah’s latest edit, titled Greeshm celebrates the arrival of spring and summer with an exquisite display of traditional handweaves and handcrafted ensembles. At the heart of this collection is the fine hand-woven muslin khadi, a fabric that has been given centrestage and paired with other beautiful handweaves to create a stunning array of outfits. The light floral hand block prints, combined with other handcrafts like kalamkari, kanjeevaram, chikan with badla, parsi gada, add to the elegance of the collection.

Pieces from Greeshm

“The Greeshm collection is my ode to the beautiful season of summer. It is an expression of the vibrant colours, delicate textures and breezy fabrics that define the season. Through this collection, I strive to capture the essence of summer and bring it to life through handwoven textiles that are not just beautiful, but also sustainable and timeless,” says Gaurang, adding, “Every thread of my weaves tells a story. It’s not just about the fabric, it’s about the emotions and memories woven into each piece. Greeshm is my celebration of the beauty of handweaves and poetry, and I invite you to indulge in the luxury and experience the magic of traditional craftsmanship.”

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The creation of this collection was a collaborative effort that involved Gaurang’s team of talented artisans and in-house designers working together to bring the vision to life. “The process began with me conceptualising the overall theme and colour palette. I drew inspiration from the vibrant colours and delicate textures of summer, and worked with my team to create a range of designs that would showcase the beauty of handwoven textiles,” explains the designer.

Pieces from Greeshm

Once the designs were finalised, the team began the process of selecting the right yarns and weaving
techniques for each design. A variety of traditional weaving techniques were used, including jamdani, kalamkari, and patan patola, to create intricate patterns and designs on the fabric. Each design was carefully planned and executed to ensure that the final product was of the highest quality. As mentioned, the choice of colours for this collection is inspired by the pastel shades of spring, infused with jewel tones of emeralds and rubies, bringing out the grandeur of the weaves and embroideries. The fabrics and colours come together to tell delicate stories of the birds and animals that signify the life of the season.

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Each ensemble has been thoughtfully designed to be both festive and easy to wear, a perfect combination for the summer months. The handwoven collection includes a range of outfits, including saris, salwar suits, and lehengas. Each outfit is made from handwoven textiles that showcase the unique patterns and textures of traditional weaving techniques. The saris feature intricate borders and pallus, while the salwar suits and lehengas are embellished with delicate patterns and handcrafted details. The collection offers a range of styles and silhouettes to suit every occasion, from casual daywear to formal evening events.

From the collection

And lastly, this collection is as much about poetry as it is about handweaves. The poetry is crafted by Gaurang himself to describe the beauty of Greeshm.

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Each fabric, each design has a unique  tale to tell, and the artisans who made these fabrics have woven their dreams into the clothes. “Through the poetry written for this collection, we are able to appreciate the hidden passion and spirit of the artisans and their undying love for their craft,” adds Gaurang.

As you indulge in the luxury of this collection, let the poetry and stories behind each piece transport you to a world of traditional handcrafted beauty. 

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