We try new dishes that Kappa Chakka Kandhari's revised menu is all set to feature!

The dishes were served at the Mappila Food Festival held at the popular diner
Idi Chakka Porichathu
Idi Chakka Porichathu

When Chef Regi Mathew's invite for the Mappila Food Festival came through, we were excited to try the food of the Mappila Muslim community from the Malabar region of Kerala, India. But, the fact that the best-selling dishes from the food festival were going to be included in the revised new menu of Kappa Chakka Kandhari, which will be put in place come October 30, made us sit up and take notice. Surely, one can't miss the opportunity to try some delicious food, right?

Having shown a seat, we were immediately served two welcome drinks - Pal Basara and the Sharjah Shake. Both milk drinks were full of flavour and yet light in the correct sense, the best way to begin the dinner. For the Appetiser, we received Erachi Porichathu (Malabar mutton fry) which made us giggle like a happy toddler, for it was bloody delicious!

The new dishes were rich in flavour and delicious
The new dishes were rich in flavour and delicious

While we were thinking about ordering another plate of the same, the Meen Pathiri (rice flat bread with fish stuffing) prevented us from doing so. It is a dish than will be appreciated by the layman and  the connoisseur alike, thanks to it being simple and succulent.

Our plate then had Ari Kadukka (steamed and fried stuffed mussels) and the lovely Avoli Nirachathu on it. The mussels tasted good, but the stuffed white pomfret was a classic dish with some exceptional masala. It is a must-try and one of the best dishes served at the festival in our books.

The diner also has new desserts for those who can't live without sweets
The diner also has new desserts for those who can't live without sweets

Of the several main course items that we tried, the Nei Pathiri (deep-fried rice bread) hit the right spot and so did the Thenga Choru (coconut rice). However, the Chemmeen Manga Chaaru (prawn raw mango curry) and Maasu Chaaru (dried tuna curry) needed some tweaking.

But there were no such problems with the Lakottappam, a sweet coconut pancake done in Malabar-style and served with vanilla ice cream. The dessert was simply brilliant, much like the Cloud Pudding, the ever popular dessert at Chef Regi Mathew's diner, which we tried of course, but first not without admiring the way the pudding goes wiggle...wiggle. Food is fun!

INR 145 onwards. Lunch and Dinner. At Kappa Chakka Kandhari, Nungambakkam.

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