The all-new Ciros Pizzeria in Hyderabad promises you the artistry and goodness of Italian pizzas   

Ciros Pizzeria, a brand famous for 20 years in Chennai now brings its authentic Italian pizzas to Hyderabad in form of a cloud kitchen. 

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  27th November 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  27th November 2020 12:00 AM

Vesuvio Napoletana from Ciros Pizzeria

When Ciros Pizzeria recently started their first outlet in Hyderabad, we just had to dig in. Over the years, they have become synonymous with Italian pizzas. With a secret pizza dough recipe and variants of sauces, Chef Ciro Cattaeno, is known for authentic Italian pizza. We learnt that the outlet started 20 years ago in Chennai.

We started our meal with an Antipasti Crocchette di Zucchine. These crispy, cheesy, deep-fried zucchini balls when paired with their marinara sauce, truly hits the spot. We then tried the Pizza Rossa Fiorentina from their Vegetariano menu. Rossa has a base that’s prepared from slow-cooked tomato sauce. The other alternative is Pizza Bianca — a white pizza, where toppings take the centre stage. The pizza is further topped with mozzarella, spinach, button mushrooms, caramelised onions and feta cheese. Fiorentina is a blast of flavours. The slight hint of tang from the feta and the sweetness of the caramelised onions is an ideal combination.


Next up on their menu are the Gusto non-vegetarian pizzas. We tried their Pollo Picante and Vesuvio, which again belong to the Pizza Rossa family. Both the pizzas are cooked with tomato sauce, smoked chicken and mozzarella. What distinguishes the two is that Picante comes with grilled onions and bird’s eye chili, while the Vesuvio has scamorza and pesto. The crust is fresh, crisp and the pizzas offer a burst of flavours.


The cloud kitchen also has a variety of options for the crust. We tried the Romana base, which is thin based, crunchy and light on the stomach. But, if loaded is how you prefer your crust, then order their Napoletana, a pizza-style that originated from Naples. It has a thin and soft base with puff-ups around the edges of the pizza. You can also choose customised pizzas, wherein you can choose the base, sauce, and the toppings. Their pizzas are also wood-fired, making them even more authentic. They come in well packed, brick-coloured trays with seasonings and chilli oil. You can use the oil as a dip or just drizzle it all over the pizza, just like we did.

Crocchette di Zucchine

You can order from Ciros via online delivery.

Price: Rs. 300 onwards.