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Tracing culture

Fashion designer Neethu Krishnan hand-painted a total of 68 Indian folk-art forms on a six-yard long handloom saree

Published on 7th January 2022
Impressions of impact

Impressions of impact

Art has been a constant companion for Shajan Kavitha

Published on 5th January 2022
A matchbox from Shreya Katuri's collection

Matchboxes can offer glimpses of a country's history and culture

The designs on these matchboxes - usually designed by anonymous artists - can offer glimpses of a country's history and culture

Published on 29th December 2021

Online fashion studio 'Aishr' blends beauty, culture to create wearable art

The brand works on reducing carbon footprints by using sustainable muslin fabric with biodegradable dyes and all products are made in limited quantities to avoid wastage

Published on 26th December 2021
Art work showcased at Kalakendra Art Gallery in Auroville

The month-long national art exhibition at Auroville is a reflection of Indian culture and mythology

The exhibition showcases the artwork of 90 eminent and emerging artists from 19 different states

Published on 25th December 2021
Saiju P Simon’s miniature art is mouth-watering

A feast for the eyes

Saiju P Simon’s miniature art is mouth-watering. From Kerala cuisines to gourmet dishes, she crafts them all into miniature wonders

Published on 30th November 2021
Ashika Ranganath

My character in MadhaGaja made me realise that agriculture is not an easy job: actor Ashika Ranganath

Ashika Ranganath talks about the effort she took to play Pallavi, an educated girl, who takes to farming

Published on 30th November 2021
Prajesh Kashyap, Ajay Pal Singh, and Vrinda 'Hayat' Vaid

A novel touch to ‘mehfil’ culture

The classic juxtaposition of the ghazal singer’s soulful voice along with Hoshiyarpuri’s sombre yet grandiloquent verses continues to be the ultimate ode to love

Published on 13th November 2021
Paresh Maity

Celebrated artist Paresh Maity's work on display at CIMA and Birla Academy of Art and Culture

Ahead of two shows in the city, celebrated artist Paresh Maity opens up about how nature has always played a crucial role in his artistic journey

Published on 12th November 2021
Shvet's festive edit

Jewellery label Shvet’s festive line melds Asian cultures with intricate art detailing on silver pieces

Designer silver bijoux label Shvet’s festive line melds Asian cultures with intricate art detailing on silver pieces

Published on 12th November 2021

A confluence of cultures

Good Earth’s Bosporus Design Collection that connects the East to the West is a true voyage of discovery

Published on 7th November 2021

Transforming public spaces with Tamil Nadu's culture  

It’s tastefully evident. Tamil Nadu’s culture is no longer confined to art galleries but is adorning the walls of public spaces.

Published on 7th November 2021
Squid Game

K-Pop, Kimchi and Karnataka: Squid Game has piqued Bengalureans’ interest in Korean culture 

From Dalgona to K-pop, business for Korean restaurants in the city is booming

Published on 20th October 2021
A ‘seedcopter’ by Marut Drones at ‘Hara Bahara’, India’s first aerial seeding campaign at Hyderabad’s KBR park

Drone-based ventures take off in the Indian startup space

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report launched at London Tech Week last month puts some exciting innovations under the spotlight that find solutions to education, finance and healthcare challenges

Published on 10th October 2021

Meet the expat community of Hyderabad, basking in the charm of the city and making memories

Hyderabad has a vibrant expat community, which not only includes high-ranking diplomats but also people from across the world, who occupy top positions in some big firms

Published on 7th October 2021

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