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The bug in older versions of WhatsApp could allow an attacker to exploit a code error known as an integer overflow

WhatsApp discloses critical bug in older versions, now patched

The vulnerability could allow an attacker to exploit a code error known as an integer overflow

Published on 28th September 2022

WhatsApp rolling out Call Links, group video call for 32 people

Users can tap the 'Call Links' option within the Calls Tab and create a link for an audio or video call and share it easily with family and friends

Published on 27th September 2022

Meta collaborates with Salesforce to boost businesses on WhatsApp

The new integration will help businesses build experiences to chat with customers on WhatsApp, while being able to manage communication directly from the Salesforce platform

Published on 21st September 2022

Snapchat introduces iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets, chat shortcuts

The company said it is introducing new features to help keep conversations with friends easy to find

Published on 19th September 2022

WhatsApp to let users create polls in group chat

With this feature, which is under development, group participants will be able to share polls with other members of the group

Published on 18th September 2022

WhatsApp may soon include a camera shortcut for iPhone users

A screenshot showed that the camera shortcut is placed within the navigation bar and it will show up for those users that can already create a community in the future

Published on 12th September 2022

WhatsApp may allow businesses to manage chats from their linked devices

Under a new optional subscription plan called WhatsApp Premium, users will be able to use additional features such as the ability to create a custom business link

Published on 5th September 2022

WhatsApp may bring iMessage-like profile photos within group chats

The platform is planning to introduce something that has been requested for a long time — profile photos of group participants

Published on 26th August 2022

WhatsApp releases admin delete feature on iOS beta

The feature has only been rolled out to some lucky beta testers, so it will take some time before reaching all other accounts

Published on 23rd August 2022

WhatsApp may bring Stories-like feature to chat list for iOS

A beta version of WhatsApp is bringing the ability to view Status updates within the chat list

Published on 22nd August 2022
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Now, you can exit WhatsApp groups privately and choose who can see you online

These new features allow WhatsApp users to exit group chats without notifying everyone, control who can see when you're online and prevent screenshots on view once messages

Published on 9th August 2022

WhatsApp working on feature to let you post voice notes on status updates

The feature will only be shared with the people you choose within your status privacy settings, and the voice note will be end-to-end encrypted as other images and videos shared to your status

Published on 15th July 2022

WhatsApp to let users react to messages with more emojis

Currently, the platform gives users the ability to react with a limited number of just six emojis: thumbs up, heart, crying, laughter, shocked face, or folded hands.

Published on 12th July 2022

Whatsapp Update: Now you can mute, message participants in group voice call

Meta-owned WhatsApp on Friday introduced new features for group voice calls, like muting and messaging participants along with banner notifications while in a group call.

Published on 21st June 2022

WhatsApp is testing the ability to edit sent messages 

WhatsApp is now working on the ability to edit text messages for a future update of WhatsApp beta testers

Published on 4th June 2022

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