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The most ancient living teachings on spirituality

Upanishads contain the most ancient living teachings on spirituality

Published on 12th June 2022
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Exploring spirituality: A beginner’s guide

First, one must understand the true meaning of spirituality. Many of us consider ourselves to be spiritual when in reality, we are religious

Published on 5th June 2022
Conquer yourself to conquer the world, says Bhishma in the Mahabharat

Here is a snippet from the Mahabharat where Bhishma explains why dama (self-discipline) is the best dharma:

Yudhishthira went to Bhishma, who was lying on a bed of arrows, and asked him questions about dharma after the batle of Kurukshetra

Published on 17th April 2022

If you are unable to explain certain adverse events occurring in your life, you might want to look into karma...

What we have done by way of qualitative karmas in the past goes beyond our control in as far as its results are concerned

Published on 17th April 2022
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Unlocking the ultimate machine: The human body

Hatha Yoga is about keeping the body in such a way that it is always there for you, doing what you want it to do, not something else

Published on 6th February 2022
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Here are some Vastu secrets for vitality:

Vastu gives guidelines of how the building should be designed to harness all the beneficial energies of different directions and avoid the malefic energies corresponding directions

Published on 6th February 2022
Spirituality. Three gunas. Representational image: Pixabay

What are the three gunas present in all beings and things of this world? What is their significance?

Sattva (purity), rajas (activity), and tamas (darkness) - These three gunas are like three threads that are intertwined together to make the fabric of this world

Published on 31st January 2022
Sculptor Arun Yogiraj stands beside the statue of Adi Shankaracharya. (Photo| EPS)

Adi Shankaracharya: Guiding light of spiritual India

Even before Shankaracharya turned a year old, he would sit on his father’s lap and listen to him recite verses from the scriptures

Published on 31st January 2022
(Photo | Special Arrangement)

What is the power that a simple act of smiling holds?

If you wish to bring more beauty into this world with your smiles, not only does it feel good, it also forges a closer connection to others and creates a sense of well-being and happiness

Published on 2nd January 2022
There is no gain without pain. Representational image

Pain is the precursor to gain; we explain how this is interwoven in every aspect of life

It is usually when an infant gives a painful cry of hunger; its mother feeds it milk

Published on 27th December 2021
Representational image of chanting.

What are the healing powers of chanting?

Chanting mantras at certain frequencies is known to help people recover from serious ailments

Published on 19th December 2021

When something good or bad happens unexpectedly to someone, is it karma or mere coincidence?

Things happen. Whether they are good or bad depends on your response and inner constitution

Published on 19th December 2021

Nature is God

In Hinduism, there is a strong belief that God is present in everything. The five elements of nature—pancha tattvas (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space)—are worshipped

Published on 19th December 2021
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Spiritual Sunday: The science of manifestation

There is the world of desires and then there is the world of reality, and many people live their lives believing that there is no way to go from one world to the other. Well, they are wrong

Published on 21st November 2021

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