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We drive the most affordable EV currently available in India, namely the Tiago.EV, and it is undoubtedly a product that impresses!

author_img Vikram Gour Published :  31st December 2022 04:35 PM   |   Published :   |  31st December 2022 04:35 PM
Tiago.EV is targeted at firsttime EV buyers

Tiago.EV is targeted at firsttime EV buyers

THE TIAGO.EV follows the same design language as the regular Tiago which has been around since 2016. Having said that, the design is still fresh and has a few EV tweaks that include the black enclosed panel across the front, the tri-arrow pattern on the bumper and closed off grille and the humanity line finished in steel blue that runs right across the front to mark it as part of Tata’s EV range. The Tiago.EV also gets two-tone plastic wheel caps, a black roof, black mirror casings and the tell-tale EV badging on the front and rear. 

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The cabin of Tiago.EV is a neat uncluttered space and once again, it is similar to what we have seen on the regular ICE version of the same car. To set it apart just a bit, Tata Motors has given it a neat two-tone look with a black and off-white theme and this includes the white leatherette seats. Other changes include new buttons for the driver to select the level of REGEN and also an electric charging lid release button. Being an EV also means it has no gear lever and this has been replaced by a rotary drive selector. Tiago.EV gets a digital instrument cluster that has been upgraded to feature EV specific information. The car also benefits from a Harman touchscreen infotainment system, climate control and a flatbottomed steering wheel.


Tata is offering the Tiago.EV in two variants, namely the medium range and long range versions. The only difference between the two are the battery packs for the medium range version gets a 19.2kWh LFP battery, while the long range version gets a 24kWh LFP battery pack. The medium range version delivers 45kW of power and 110 Nm of torque and has a range of 257 km per charge, while the long range version delivers 55kW of power, 114 Nm of torque and boasts of a 315km range. Both versions are quite appealing to drive and are well suited for urban driving cycles. They are refined and peppy which makes them quite a bit of fun to be behind the wheel of! 

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Tiago.EV is targeted at firsttime EV buyers and on that note, it is an impressive machine. Despite being built to a cost, it feels upmarket and well appointed. Coming in at a price point that is in line with most B-Segment hatchbacks, the Tiago.EV is positioned as a great first choice for those looking at moving towards an EV and having it as their urban runabout. 

Price range: `8.49 lakh onwards.