‘Will work free for Anurag’ says Poonam Rajput

Bagging an Anurag Kashyap film is tough, but to impress him with your acting chops is tougher. Eventually, when you get that ‘good actor’ tag, it’s all worth it
Poonam Rajput
Poonam Rajput

From Himachal Pradesh to making inroads to Bollywood and bagging an Anurag Kashyap film, the “struggle” has been “real,” says Poonam Rajput, known for films like Mirzapur, Begum Jaan and What the Jatt!! The actress can now add an Anurag Kashyap film to her credit having worked in an international short film Chaar Chapplein, helmed by one of the most sought after directors. Ask Poonam about her experience working with him, and she says excitedly, “Anyone who wishes to be a good actor wants to work with Anurag Kashyap, because when you are either directed or cast by Anurag, you get the tag of a ‘good actor’.”

“Anurag is one of those directors you would want to do a movie with even for free,” she tells us, adding, “To impress him with your acting is tough because his genre is very different. I am glad I got to work with him.” As interesting as the title of the film Chaar Chaplien (that translates to ‘four slippers’), sounds, it presents “a dark side of India,” Poonam informs us. The film has recently premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival and also features Manav Kaul, Randeep Jha and Sanjay Gandhi. Poonam believes she has a long way to go, but getting to where she is today wasn’t a cakewalk either. “I never thought I would get Bollywood movies. I have reached here without any help or support. I came to this industry with zero knowledge. I didn’t run behind fame; all I wanted was good work. I am sure going forward, it’s going to be as tough. But I believe in hard work, and I am doing just that,” she says.

Poonam Rajput with Anurag Kashyap
Poonam Rajput with Anurag Kashyap

Having done a few films in Bollywood and one in Punjab, we ask her about the lessons she has learned in the process, and she tells us, “I realise that you do need some talent or you will not go anywhere. I’ve also learned that if you can’t struggle, you can’t survive in this industry.” Before signing off, Poonam is quick to share that she loves playing different characters as  “these diverse roles help me make a mark as an actor.”


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