Perona’s new Fall-Winter edit, Soulful Minimalism embraces the beauty of minimalism

The collection embodies the spirit of embracing one’s personal journey, while making a fashion statement
Ensembles from the  collection
Ensembles from the collection

After having gained expertise by working alongside well known international brands in the high fashion industry, the husband-wife duo of Puneet and Shruti Mangla launched Perona in 2018 as they felt it was time to explore fashion with their own brand and ‘sew their very own, unique story’. Perona stitches together the realm of experiences of their life and work, serving as a holistic platform for not only showcasing the nucleus of their craft but also the expression of their core values, beliefs and aspirations.

A homegrown luxury brand, at Perona, the designs are inspired by modern minimalism, that share common aesthetics with Japanese Zen philosophy. The products embody reflections of this philosophy, as seen in the kaleidoscope of nature, architecture and art.

The brand has now launched its Fall-Winter 2023 collection, Soulful Minimalism, that embodies the spirit of embracing one’s personal journey, while not making just a fashion statement. “Our hope is that each wearer finds resonance with the philosophy, making these garments a reflection of their inner values and aspirations. Embrace the mindfulness, the purpose, and the beauty of soulful minimalism as you don these pieces with intention,” says Shruti, creative director and co-founder of Perona, adding, “This collection embraces care-culture that exudes versatility allowing the wearer to personalise their style. With each piece, we hope to inspire a sense of tranquility, a deeper connection to oneself and a commitment to a more conscious and soulful approach to fashion.”

Perona’s signature ‘less is better’ ethos carries on with this collection as well. Shruti explains, “Having gone through an emotional rollercoaster in the past few years, humans are expressing themselves with an outpouring of energised creativity and building their own world around the chaos. With familiar traditional artistry embedded in modern contemporary shapes, this collection marries familiar techniques of the past with the creation of a forward-thinking, sensual aesthetic to embody a sense of soulful minimalism.”

One can look forward to innovatively crafted pleat work, laser cutwork, metallics, sheers, prints, Sherpa & bonding/ juxtapositioning of two opposite fabrics also emerge in new ways in the collection, blending the idea of using ancient skill ,elements or materials to create something that feels new.

With Soulful Minimaliam, you are invited to “cosy stunning dopamine infused palette that continues to offer the most versatile and commercial colours amalgamated with familiar neutral shades that resonate longevity and investment appeal,” says Shruti, and adds, “The story is built on a sturdy base of commercial darks and mid tones elevated with cooler hues like sage and parchment with the determined presence of burnt tan, metallic zinc, spectra and graphite grey.”

Healing and haptic materials, mood-boosting colours and earthy textures connect the wearer back to nature. Neo volume offers a range of new dimensions and cavernous proportions that is embodied with innovative, soft and luxurious textures that governs modern silhouettes. “Intense, strong, and ethereal — explore our unparalleled offering of couture luxury fabrics woven with eco-friendly and sustainably sourced threads of silk, luxury of tweed and Shetland, innovative Italian prints, structural scuba, discreet micro pleated blends for that natural, organic feeling of well-being,” shares Shruti.

Elegant blazers, iconic dresses for every occasion, and statement knitwear — this collection has it all. Featuring clean lines, simple shapes, and neutral colors, discover their luxe collection of blazer sets cut in a variety of leathers, British Shetland, tweeds that flatters the wearer’s figure and can be worn across various weather conditions and occasions. “Welcome the clean, modern trend of this season with our iconic wrap and shirt dresses tailored with sophisticated high-quality Italian fabrics. Cosy knits and jersey pieces, base layers, jumpers, matching sets of basics layered with cocooning and sleek outer- wears are all paired together — reinvented each season for you to face the winter with style. Also discover an innovatively curated collection of co-ords sets — modern sartorial pairings of enveloping knits, leather on leather, European tweeds and premium Italian fabrics fashionably tailored with the flair of the 70’s for weekends that work and for all those moments that require extra elevation. When the leaves start to swirl and the air takes on the crisp scent of autumn, there’s nothing better than the   soulful feeling of sophistication and cosiness found in our luxe cape!” says the creative director, adding, “Each piece has a strong and symbolic shape, while being versatile in styling both as a lone icon with a strong personal presence or styled together with other pieces. Each piece has been designed to be transformational, having day-to-night functionality with a simple change of shoes, purse, or layering.”

Price starts at Rs 7,000.
Available online.

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