29 Pasta Bay in Hyderabad offers an array of classic and experimental pasta

This new outlet in the city is whipping up delicious vegetarian pasta 

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  06th August 2021 12:10 PM   |   Published :   |  06th August 2021 12:10 PM
Pasta and Garlic Bread

Pasta and Garlic Bread

Who does not love a hearty meal of traditional Italian pasta? When a place solely dedicated to pasta opened up in Secunderabad, we had to check it out. Just a few weeks old, 29 Pasta Bay with its bright yellow walls and pine-wood seating offers an array of vegetarian pasta. The outlet currently has 20 varieties of pastas that include a mix of Indian and classic options. We sampled a few of their best-sellers.

Their menu includes several antipasti options such as Cheese BonBon, Marinated Olives and Cherry Tomato, and Basil and Cheese Bruschetta. But if you are in a mood to start with something light and healthy, check out their salads section. We opted for the Grilled Veggies And Popped Quinoa. The salad came with bell peppers, zucchini and onions. The dish was well-seasoned and had a hint of zesty lemon flavour. It was truly light on the palate.

Grilled Veggies and Popped Quinoa

We then moved to the pasta section. Our first pick was the Indian Extravaganza. We enjoyed the spice kick this pasta offered. It also came with two sides — Cheese Chilli and Mushroom Tikkas. The former was quite a unique addition to an Italian plate. And, the latter was flavourful to the hilt. We next tried The Ever Creamy Four Cheese pasta. And, while we enjoyed the creaminess in the dish, we must admit that this one is strictly only for cheese lovers. All the pastas come with a side of garlic bread. Buttery and flavourful, the breads were spot on.

The Ever Creamy Four Cheese Pasta 

29 Pasta Bay currently offers classics like Aglio-e-Olio, and Creamy Pesto. But they have also created a signature menu with treats like the Wild Mushroom And Cheese and Cheese Chunky Chilli Bean pasta. So if you wish to indulge in out-of-the-box food, while sticking to classics, then this outlet must make it to your list.

Rs. 400 upwards. At SP Road.