Watermelon kimchi
Watermelon kimchi

Recipe: This Watermelon Kimchi is a delicious probiotic to add to your meals 

Apart from adding a delicious kick to your plate, it is a healthy addition to your diet

Watermelon kimchi

Chinese cabbage 50 gms
Garlic 15 gms
Salt 25 gms
Pepper 3 gms
Diced or Batons Watermelon 200 gms
Ginger 10 gms
Korean chilli powder (Gochugaru) 30 gms
Jaggery syrup 10 ml
Spring onion 5 gms
Sesame seeds 2 gms

1.To begin, peel the watermelon and slice into 1cm*1cm cubes of 0.5cm*0.5cm batons. Cut the
cabbage into roughly the similar shape as the watermelon. Marinate the watermelon with salt for 30
minutes to allow the excess moisture to drain out. Wash completely after half an hour.
2.Make a marination with the Korean chilli powder, jaggery syrup, spring onions, ginger, garlic and
sesame seeds.
3. Mix in the watermelon and cabbage and allow to marinate for with a weight on top to squeeze out
any moisture. Allow to rest for 24 hours before serving it.

(Contributed by The Park Chennai.)