Sharmistha Ghosal

Guest column: Wellness entrepreneur Luke Coutinho tells you the importance of local grains

Nutrition expert and wellness entrepreneur Luke Coutinho on how to eat right in an era of fad diets

16 Aug 2019

Full-length interview: Tolly superstar Jeet describes his role in Pavel's Asur

Tollywood superstar Jeet reflects upon doing more than 50 films in the industry, and talks about his future plans as a producer and an actor

16 Aug 2019

Spotlight interview: Pankaj Tripathi tells us about the film '83 and more

Actor Pankaj Tripathi talks about his latest projects and the ephemeral nature of fame

16 Aug 2019

City Photographer Sandip Ghosh picks four beautiful models from Kolkata

Photographer Sandip Ghosh trains his camera on four of Kolkata’s up-and-coming models    

09 Aug 2019

Food special: Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapoor shares two monsoon recipes

Try out these novel recipes to make this monsoon warm and comforting 

09 Aug 2019

Exclusive interview: Vidya Balan inspires millions as a woman space scientist in Mission Mangal

Vidya Balan is our go-to girl for inspiration this week, as she plays a scientist in the film Mission Mangal, while showing us how she keeps that smile glowing

08 Aug 2019

UK-based designer Ayush Kejriwal says one can be bald and beautiful

In this column, UK-based designer Ayush Kejriwal raises some pertinent questions and addresses prejudices about baldness   

02 Aug 2019

Actors Rahul, Ritwik and Indrajit talk about friendship ahead of their movie, Samsara

Actors Rahul Banerjee, Ritwick Chakraborty and Indrajit Chakraborty on their film Samsara and on the practice of celebrating friendship  

01 Aug 2019

Travel: Koh Samui offers some great spots and food options for weekenders

Witness luxury in the lap of nature at Koh Samui, surrounded by a cerulean sea and lush hills  

01 Aug 2019

Delhi label Indigene brings their latest collection to Kolkata at Istara

Jaya and Ruchi's Indigene offers some great fusion clothing options in natural fabrics

30 Jul 2019

Matisse Revisited at Birla Academy of Art and Culture Kolkata

Revisit celebrated painter Matisse with an exhibition at Birla Academy

29 Jul 2019

The Horcrux Hunt at Oxford Bookstore Kolkata

Have an evening of fun and adventure with The Horcrux Hunt at Oxford Bookstore

29 Jul 2019

My Silent Entourage at Art Exposure Kolkata

Gallery Art Exposure is organising an exhibition of painter Deepak Kumar Saw's latest artwork, My Silent Entourage

29 Jul 2019

Raga Rocks at Oxford Bookstore Kolkata

Oxford Bookstore and Sohinimoksha invite you to Raga Rocks, an evening of conversation on music and more

29 Jul 2019

Newcomer Naghma Rizwan all set to play Kusum in AltBalaji's It Happened In Calcutta

AltBalaji's next love saga set in the '60s of Kolkata will see model Naghma Rizwan debut in the lead role

26 Jul 2019

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