Aadar Jain on experimenting with comedy; and why he believes in working hard and proving himself

The actor who is in a relationship with Tara Sutaria talks about how it is special to be in a relationship

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Hello Charlie Movie Aadar Jain

Aadar Jain experiments with comedy in Hello Charlie

Aadar Jain who played the lead in the family entertainer, Hello Charlie, along with a debutante Shlokka Pandit, has garnered positive reviews for his performance. However, the film which is Aadar's first outing on OTT  failed to impress the critics as well as the audience. The actor made his debut with Yashraj Film’s Qaidi Band in 2017, a musical drama that revolved around seven under-trial prisoners. With Hello Charlie, an Excel Entertainment production, the actor tried to experiment with comedy along with Jackie Shroff and Rajpal Yadav.

The actor who is among the youngest scions of the Kapoor clan, also made headlines when he was spotted with his lady love Tara Sutaria. The two are among the most talked-about couples from Bollywood. In this candid interview, Aadar opens up about working in Hello Charlie, rubbing shoulders with veteran actors, his lady love Tara, and how his family background doesn’t come with any pressure.

Many actors say comedy is a difficult genre to experiment with. What has your experience been with Hello Charlie?

I am quite similar to my character, Charlie. Just like him, I help people in need, whenever there is an opportunity. Charlie is a happy go lucky person and I am also the same. The only difference is that he is very innocent but I am a little smarter than him. I love comedy. I watch a lot of comedy movies and stand-up comedies and feel good after watching them. So as an actor I wanted to replicate the same.

Your role in Qaidi was quite different. Did you consciously choose to be part of a comedy for your second outing?

I feel when you do the first film it kind of chooses you and Qaidi chose me. It was a different film, and so is this film. I go with my instinct when I choose films, and need to connect with the character  that I am playing. The story has to be entertaining to me and I find both the films I did have entertaining and engaging storylines.

Aadar Jain stars in a new comedy, co-starring a gorilla
A still from Hello Charlie

Considering you grew up in an urban environment, how did you prepare for the role of Charlie who comes with a rural background?

I related to Charlie’s characteristics. But he has a certain style of walking, eating and has a different body language, that’s what I had to work on. I entirely depended on the script. My homework was to listen to my director. We did workshops on dialogue delivery and comic timing.

How was it to work with Jackie Shroff?

It was excellent. I have always been his fan and after working with him I have become an even bigger fan of him. As an actor, he is so good and as a person, he is just so effortless, he has swag and is so cool. There is a lot to learn from him and we actually learnt a lot on the set. He has been in the business for 40 years so he brings a lot of experience, at the same time he brings child-like energy. He is quite inspiring, and also encourages us.

How important it is to have a big platform as a producer?

As an individual and an actor, it is important for me to work with all kinds of directors and producers. You learn from everyone you work with. I have been fortunate to work with the two of the biggest production houses (YRF and Excel Entertainment) and grateful that I got this opportunity. Both the films are different and have interesting storylines. My priority is the story, no matter who the producer is and or the director is, because a good story will always click and connect with the audience. I choose things with my heart.

Who do you connect with strongly in your star-studded family?

I connect with everyone. I have a special bond with all my cousins. So far I have not asked them for any advice on work, but we share a strong bond. I look up to my immediate family.

Aadar Jain with Kapoors at a family get-together
Aadar Jain with the Kapoors at a family get-together

You and Tara seem to be going steady. She has praised your work, and has said Hello Charlie is one of her favourite films, does love keep you grounded?

Yes, it feels special. We encourage each other. It keeps you grounded. I will feel more special if everyone watches my film and likes it.

Aadar Jain with Tara Sutaria (pic:Instagram)
Aadar Jain with Tara Sutaria (pic:Instagram)

You come from the Kapoor clan, does it mean there's a lot of pressure on you to perform?

I don’t take the pressure. I have to work and prove myself. I am focusing on working hard and proving myself.