Label Suta’s ‘Dil Deewana’ edit celebrates the 'old-school hearts-and-flowers romance'

This collection of saris and blouses promises to elevate your look for your special date night with your loved one. The founders tell us why...
A piece from Dil Deewana
A piece from Dil Deewana

With the season of celebrating love already underway, everyone is looking for the perfect outfit to rock. Having decided on plans with your loved ones already, if you still need to decide what to wear, we have a fascinating collection of saris and blouses that you can choose from, to sport your best look.

Replete with motifs inspired by elements of Valentine’s Day like heart-shaped tassels, hand-painted roses, appliques and floral embroidery, Dil Deewana, Suta’s beautiful edit for the occasion promises to stand out.

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Founders and couturiers Sujata and Taniya Biswas join us in a chat ahead of February 14 to let us in the details of the collection, why saris are the perfect occasionwear for Valentine’s Day, what are the trending colours for this occasion and more. Excerpts:

How does this collection celebrate Valentine's Day differently from other collections
themed around the same? 

Sujata: When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we’ve found that the sentiment has taken a complete 360-degree spin to come back to celebrating romantic love, the old-fashioned way. Unlike the recent past, couples of all ages and genders are opening their hearts to old-school hearts-and-flowers romance. And that’s the kind of love that Dil Deewana, our Valentine’s Day collection, is celebrating. We’ve stuck to soft pinks, passionate reds, cutesy heart-shaped and floral motifs, and flirty ruffles, as well as soft mulmul cotton and luxurious mulberry silk to evoke the nostalgia and sentimentality of love, the way the books and movies describe it. In many ways, this collection offers something for everyone – vibrant reds for passionate lovers, coy baby pinks for those who still believe in fairy tales, and ruffles combined with trendy stripes for those who aren’t very keen to wear their hearts on their sleeve. The overarching
theme of this collection is a celebration of love, in all its forms.

Why, would you say that saris make for a perfect Valentine's Day outfit? 
Taniya: Saris epitomize romance, glamour, flirtatiousness and ultra-femininity. The fabrics used in our collection make these saris effortless to wear all day. Bollywood buffs will instantly associate the jaw-dropped wonder of the protagonist when the female lead shows up in a dreamy saree – we’re inclined to believe that saris elicit the same reaction in the real world, especially on date nights!

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Do you feel that fashion trends for Valentine's Day have changed over the years?
Sujata: Valentine’s Day has always been about romance and the romantics. The broader themes, therefore, have always been evocative of the colours, styles and motifs associated with love. Today, however, what constitutes a Valentine’s Day date has evolved beyond the ubiquitous candle-lit dinners. People are much more adventurous and they want their clothing to reflect their lifestyle choices, while also harkening back to the sweet nostalgia of fairy-tale romance. Comfort is non-negotiable, as is effortlessness – which our saris and blouses epitomise.

What is the trending colour scheme/palette for this year's Valentine's Day?
Taniya: Pinks and reds continue to dominate the colour palette, with black or white touches to help balance the overall look.

Some unique ways to style pieces from this collection to stand out during the occasion?
Taniya: Besides the saris, the highlight of Dil Deewana is undoubtedly our unique heart-shaped blouses made of breathable cotton. They add pizzazz to every look and can be paired with both saris and jeans/skirts, or also layered with other pieces for a more structured outfit. The saris can be paired with crop tops, worn over jeans or skirts, and draped in unconventional ways to create head-turning looks.

Saris start at Rs 2,980.
Blouses start at Rs 1,850.
Available online and in stores.


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