Got a pizza my heart: Your weekend pizza cravings have a newfound destination in Butter Crust Pizzeria

This venture by The Table is offering a large variety of mouth-watering thin-crust options to choose from
Sumptuous options by Butter Crust Pizzeria
Sumptuous options by Butter Crust Pizzeria

A new definition of pizza can be found in the boxes of Butter Crust Pizzeria — another vertical by the maker of the beloved dessert range, The Table, Shriram Rajendran. Having received a bunch of boxes from Butter Crust, our interest was piqued, along with our taste buds. As we opened them, the aroma of the freshly baked pizzas engulfed the room encouraging more hands to take slices.

The two garlic bread varieties — The Parmesan Garlic Bread and Spicy Chicken Garlic Bread — acted as perfectly appetising starters. The former just won our hearts over with its cheesy richness and melt-in-the-mouth texture, while the Spicy Chicken variant presented the same taste with a slightly greater piquancy concentrated largely around the small pieces of chicken evenly spread across the freshly baked thin base, made using roman style dough.

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The pizzas from Butter Crust felt like a breath of fresh air, as the textures and taste seem to have moved away from the usual thick-crusted variants, often offered by competitors, and stuck to producing particularly thin crusts that were soft to chew and blended really well with each range of toppings they came in.

Speaking of toppings, our taste buds were taken for a ride across various cuisines. We visited a more Indian palate in our mouths with the Achari Chicken Tikka pizza, which was probably the highlight with its generous lather of the sauce prepared inhouse by the pizzeria, and slightly sour/tangy taste notes presented on the chunks of the Achari Chicken Tikka. On the vegetarian side of this hypothetical pizza boxing ring was the Spinach and Mushroom Pizza, which was an equally competent competitor. This unique contender presented a fabulous knockout with the flavours of mozzarella and cheddar cheese that were generously sprinkled across the crust, in addition to the house pizza sauce. The Lamb Pepperoni Overload also presented prominent flavours, out of which the spice stood out. This pizza would’ve worked better if the lamb pepperoni slices weren’t as dry.

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All in all, we were happy to have discovered this new pizza spot, which is a viable option among the sea of pizza stores that exist across the city. If you are in the mood for some flavourful pizza with sixteen options to choose from, Butter Crust Pizzeria will not disappoint you.

Price for two: ₹800.
Available online only.

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