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Vasu Dixit

Let’s talk folk

With his new docu-series called PaDa Project, music composer Vasu Dixit celebrates folk music

Published on 21st April 2022

Delhi-based band Random Order pays tribute to the medical fraternity with its new music video

The song is a cover of the classic number by Elton John and George Michael

Published on 19th April 2022

Kolkata musician Soham Bhattacharya releases single on the plight of migrant workers

Just Those Tears was recorded with simple arrangements so as to not overpower the words with too many instrument

Published on 12th April 2022
Live music

Return of live music

For musicians, this means many things.

Published on 12th April 2022

 Sound engineer Subhadeep Pan debuts as a playback singer in Dev's upcoming film, Kishmish

Subhadeep believes behind-the-scene videos on social media platforms have brought musicians to the forefront

Published on 12th April 2022

Spotify is testing a new TikTok-like music discovery feed 

Music streaming service Spotify is testing a personalised feed on the app's home screen like Chinese short-video making platform TikTok to help users discover music easily

Published on 11th April 2022
Musician Abhishek Sekhri

Musician Abhishek Sekhri talks about his latest track Dilli

In this week’s Soundscape, the Sukhdev Vihar-based artist talks about the process of making Dilli.

Published on 8th April 2022

Soul Music: Catch rock star musician Rahul Jain live at Octa

He will mesmerize the audience with his soulful melodies

Published on 8th April 2022

Carnatic musician Akshay Vaidyanathan, who runs artisanal coffee roasting business kapi kottai, shares his story 

Music offers a sensory experience that elevates your spirit — as does a good ol’ cup of coffee

Published on 31st March 2022
Chennai-based Sound Mani makes a 'sound' effort to revive lesser-known instruments!

Chennai-based Sound Mani makes a 'sound' effort to revive lesser-known instruments!

Meet Manikandan, who has been reviving lesser-known instruments by taking it to the masses through performances, documentaries and music workshops

Published on 5th April 2022
Grammy Awards 2022: Rock legend Stewart Copeland (left), Indian composer Ricky Kej (right)

Bengaluru-based Ricky Kej wins his second Grammy

Ricky Kej received his first Grammy for his album Winds of Samsara in 2015

Published on 4th April 2022

Grammys 2022: From Lady Gaga to Olivio Rodrigo, here's a look at the top stage performers

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy joined the ceremony from a Kyiv bunker through a pre-taped video

Published on 3rd April 2022
Volodymyr Zelensky Grammy

Grammys 2022: Ukraine’s president reaches out to musicians for support

The emotionally-heavy video message urged for support from the music fraternity. It was followed by John Legend’s performance of the song Free.

Published on 4th April 2022
Thiruvananthapuram - Music video Thirondoram by Jassie Gift

Music video Thirondoram by Jassie Gift is all about people's love for Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram

The new single Thirondoram by Jassie Gift featuring stars like Madhupal, Jagadish and Manju Pillai is all about the love for the capital city

Published on 2nd April 2022

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